This plugin currently has 2 key features: handling mob loot and handling chest/inventory loot with advanced options and timer settings. I will only give a very brief description of the features in this section. Loot can consist of items and money, and is defined trough configs that allow a lot of customization. For items, this includes but is not limited to: custom item names, custom lore, enchantments and randomized quantity). Once loot is configured it can be used for mob drops, dungeon loot, ... As extra features, this plugin can also be used to fill chests once for drop parties, and to keep chests stocked forever. All messages that are sent to players can be configured in a seperate config.



  • If you want to use the money features of this plugin, you need Vault (and an enconomy plugin that supports Vault).
  • This plugin was previously known as ChestFiller. Because so many things have changed (config files, database structure) the old ChestFiller configs and database are incompatible. You have to relink all your chests if you want to upgrade.

Some eye candy:


chest loot mob loot


Latest noteworthy additions:

  • Money loot is now possible (requires vault).
  • Mob loot can now be configured.
  • New messages to provide feedback to the player upon loot attempts.
  • All interaction with the player can now be configured.

Made a youtube video reviewing this plugin? Send me a pm. If i like it, i'll add it in the description.


This section describes in detail, all that can be configured in the configs. If you run this plugin for the first time, a map named resources will be created. Inside this map you should find seperate maps for chest configs and loot configs, each containing a default example file. If you want to quickly test the plugin, take a look at the Guide section and link the default file ingame.


  • auto_update: When set to true, the plugin will connect to curse upon server startups to possibly download newer versions of this plugin.
  • mob_drops
    • enabled: enable or disable this feature. Default is disabled.
    • links: 
      • mobname: 
        • config: specify the loot config to be used for drops.
        • clear_drops: Default is false
      • ...
    • worlds: May be used to specify mob drops for specific worlds. This overrides global settings.
      • wordname:
        • links: Same as above
      • ...

Loot config:

  • items:
    • name: [Optional] The in-game name for this item
    • lore: [Optional] The lore for this item.
    • id: The minecraft id of the item to spawn.
    • dmg: [Optional] The damage to be applied to this item. Can also be used for special items such as a creeper eg (380:50 -> Put the 50 in dmg). The default value is 0.
    • dmg_randomness: [Optional] The actual dmg is somewhere between dmg-randomness and dmg+randomness. The default value is 0.
    • chance: Determines the chance for this item to spawn.
    • amount: Determines the amount of this item to spawn.
    • amount_randomness: [Optional] The actual amount of items is somwhere between amount - amount_randomness and amount + amount_randomness. Default value is 0.
    • enchantments: [Optional] A list of enchantments that should be added to the item (Enchantments that may not be possible in standard minecraft). Take a look at the default file for the required names and values. The default is no enchantments.
  • money:
    • amount: The amount of money to give to a player upon looting.
    • randomness: The actual amount given to the player is somewhere between amount - randomness and amount + randomness.

Chest Config:

  • time: The time (in the format HH:MM:SS) that should pass to fill the chest.
  • randomness: [Optional] (in the format HH:MM:SS) The actual trigger time is somewhere between time-randomness and time+randomness. In the default case, there is no randomness.
  • empty_on_trigger: [Optional] Indicates whether the chest should be emptied before being filled. The default value is true.
  • message: [Optional] Message that should be broadcasted when the chest is filled. The default value is "" (no message).
  • players_required: [Optional] Amount of players that need to be online in order for the chest to be filled. The default value is 0.
  • trigger_on_looted: [Optional] If set to true, the timer will only trigger when someone accesses the loot. The default value is false.
  • Itemsets: A list of different Itemsets (names) to use for this config. 
  • items: Exactly the same as in loot configs (see above). 
  • money: Exactly the same as in loot configs (see above). 


  • /lm help: Show the list of commands and their description ingame.
  • /lm configlist: Show a list of config names that are available for linking.
  • /lm reload: Reload changes to config files + detect new config files.
  • /lm link config: Link the inventory block you are looking at with the given config.
  • /lm fill [chestconfig/lootconfig] config: Fill the inventory block you are looking at with the items and chances specified in the config file (Useful for drop parties). If both a loot config and a chest config with the same name exist, the optional parameter is mandatory.
  • /lm autorefill : Link the inventory block you are looking at to autorefill mode. No need to specify a config, this command uses the items currently in the chest.
  • /lm remove: Remove any links/autorefills from the inventory block you are looking at.


If you want to give users acces to all commands (except for the help command, which should always be available) use lootmanager.*. A server op automatically gains access to all commands.

For finer control use the following permissions:

  • lootmanager.help
  • lootmanager.link
  • lootmanager.fill
  • lootmanager.remove
  • lootmanager.autorefill
  • lootmanager.configlist
  • lootmanager.reload


The parameters of config files are explained above. Hava a look at the default configs for a concrete example. This guide explains how to link chest configs ingame and how to fill a chest once with the items in either a chest config or a loot config. The configuration of the language.yml config has been omited because it is straightforward.

Full linking procedure:

First check if the chest config you want to link is available using /lm configlist. Make sure to check your console for possible errors in the config file. If there are errors fix them. After fixing the errors a simple /lm reload should do the trick.

In order to link a config to a chest, type the following command ingame: /lm link configname while looking at a chest/furnace/whathever block that holds an inventory. You should receive a message that the linking process has succeeded.

Filling a chest once

Same procedure as the linking process above, except that you should now use /lm fill config.

Making a chest that's always filled

Simply use /lm link autorefill while looking at the chest you want to maintain stocked.

[Work in progress / Planned]

  • Individual chest loot! (25/100)
  • Add a particle effect option to chest configs, that is played above the chest to indicate that it hasn't been looted yet (0/100)
  • Allow customization of loot standardly generated in dungeons(0/100)
  • Provide a more convenient/flexible way to maintain loot (Ingame with GUI?)  + allow any current and future item (tipped arrows) to be added.(0/100) - should have priority if i work on this again.


This plugin uses an update-checker (made by Gravity) that makes a connection to Curse to inform you of plugin updates. You can disable this feature in the config.yml file in this plugin's data folder.

This plugin uses PluginMetrics, a plugin to that sends data to mcstats.org to give feedback on usage. If you wish to disable this feature, please set 'opt-out' to 'true' in the 'config.yml' file in the PluginMetrics folder.


If you are feeling extremely generous, you can reward me for my work on this (and possibly future) plugins by donating. 



[Donator list (paypal donations)]

  • jonny999999 : 7,50 euros


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