Long Commands

Long Commands is a simple plugin that allows you to write a single command using multiple lines.

Sometimes you may have a situation such as this:

In this case you could broadcast each line by itself, but with Long Commands you can broadcast it all at once: http://dev.bukkit.org/media/images/67/975/LongCommandsInAction.jpg

putting the \ character on the end of the line puts it into Long Command mode allowing you to continue typing the command in a new chat line as though you never stopped typing.

You can keep putting \ on the end of each line, for as many lines as you need.

If you want to cancel the long command, just enter - by itself, or enter a new command.

In Short, How to Use

  • End the line with \ and the entered text will be stored and you can continue entering the rest on another line.
  • You just continue as if you never stopped, so don't put / before the continuation.
  • You can do this as many times as you need
  • You can cancel at any time with -, or by entering another command.
  • This can be use with ANY command, not just broadcasts


There is only one permission for this plugin:

It is default to OPs.

Other Information

Long Commands has been designed to work with CommandHelper aliases. This will ONLY work if you don't reload Long Commands by itself, or load it live using a plugin manager.

This project is open source, you can find it on GitHub.


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