This light weight and easy to use plugin aims to reduce lag by setting limits of high demanding stuff (e.g. mob spawned).

This plugin is still at development stages and I will be adding more feature

How it works

For Limiting mobs: The default limit is 600 (changeable via command and config file). This feature aims to still allow Monsters spawning at the normal rate but once the feature runs (via command or auto (every 5min default). It will check how many Monsters there are (including bats and squrds) and starts removing a percentage of monsters at random. Because of the random feature players normally will not notice monsters being removed unless the limit is very low (e.g. 0). Hopefully it will only have to remove between 1-10% every run.

other feature to add/ todo list

add a better way to select and remove the monsters add some feature to manage loaded chunks


/lolnetNoLagg run- main command to run everything (currently only removes monsters, bats and squrds)
/lolnetNoLagg SpawnLimit- prints the mobspawn limit
/lolnetNoLagg SpawnLimit #sets the spawn limit (default is 600)
/lolnetNoLagg AutoRunoutput if AutoRun is on
/lolnetNoLagg AutoRun <on/off>turn on or off autoRun
/lolnetNoLagg AutoRunTimeoutputs how often in minutes AutoRun
/lolnetNoLagg AutoRunTime #Changes to auto run every # minutes


LolnetNoLagg.admin - access to command /lolnetNoLagg



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