lolnetAuth Protection Plugin

lolnetAuth is a really easy to use security plugin for your server! Players are required to register upon first joining your server and then every time they join the server they are required to log in before they can do anything.

This plugin was developed because of the complexity of other Auth plugins so lolnetAuth was developed from the ground up to be simple but secure! You can see a currently working version on


  • /login yourpassword
  • /register yourpassword youremail
  • /recover
  • /changepassword yourpassword yourpasswordagain

How to Use

Basic Setup:

Just drag and drop the jar file into your plugins folder and restart/reload your server. The plugin will then use our cloud based MySQL server to authenticate your users! No need to do any backups, and you can run multiple servers all linked with the same authentication!

Advanced Setup

lolnetAuth currently only works with a phpbb3 forum, all you have to do is make sure your forum is installed correctly to a MySQL server and that your default table's are "phpbb_" and then put your MySQL server information into the config.yml file that lolnetAuth creates! This allows you to link your Minecraft Server with your forum!

Quick Tutorial Video


To Do:

  • Bungeecord Support
  • Make recovery options changeable in config.yml
  • Link with phpbb3 forum groups
  • Improve MySQL Caching
  • Customizable Messages


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