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    May 2, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.5.2
  • 1.5.1
  • 1.4.7



  • Quick-fix for movement not being tracked at all
  • Fixed small issue with /stats debug me


  • Fixed /stats reset failing sometimes
  • Added methods for Achievements to use


  • Speed up all events by threading the data saving and execution of the StatUpdateEvent.
  • If signs can, they will now insta-update instead of every 10 seconds (can be changed in the config)
  • Added the /stats reset [Player] command. Use /stats reset to reset your own stats.
  • General speed up of other things
  • Fixed lastjoin/lastleave issue (was a permissions issue involving not-logged-in players). Go to your settings file and set lastJoin-lastLeaveFix to true.


  • Using new methods for storing and saving data. This way, it's much simpler to get the data (and possibility of getting data live from in-game)
  • Using CPV4
  • Updated API to use these new storage modes, now giving live-data instead of database-data. You should remove the SQLExceptions.
  • Updated API with new methods
  • Possibly fixed lastjoin/lastleave issue (just like in any other build.)

v1.20 DEV (ONLY use this if you want to test the new stuff, it's a highly in-dev build!)

  • Uses new methods to collect/save/store the data, it's super sexy!
  • This method should speed up everything by a lot, as there's no need to connect to databases etc
  • Auto-updater fixed, also thanks to Joba1.


  • Probably fixed the lastleave issue (finally!)
  • Fixed NPE with PVPKills sign


  • Fixed NPEs if you're installing it for the first time
  • Fixed NPE in the 'Kills' sign, was pointing to the wrong table
  • Fixed config stuff going on forever on first start
  • Added Votifier listeners, and a 'votes' row in the 'player' table


  • Fixed auto-updater


  • Added MySQL Connection pool. This fixes all errors that look like 'last packet received ... ms ago', 'cant call commit when autocommit is true', etc.
  • Added signs, more info on the front page.
  • Some fixes and performance improvements (log-in and log-out are faster now, for example).
  • Fixed some weird MySQL error concerning SET SESSION old_alter_table=1


  • Removes all duplicate values from rows
  • The above fixes the huge amount of blocks broken, etc.
  • Started on signs
  • Started on BeardStats converter


  • Fixed MySQLDataTruncation errors (changes row on startup which is needed for this fix)
  • Fixed loads of issues regarding the global stats server
  • Hugely improved MySQL queries by looking for duplicates before executing them
  • Now runs updates on the database every 30 seconds instead of every 3.
  • Now using CPV3!
  • Now tracks players riding a pig riding a minecart!


  • Suppress Datatruncation errors (Please enable debug and tell me what it tells you, it would be a big help to know)

v1.10 (same as v1.11)

  • Fixed lastjoin and lastleave not working
  • Fixed issue with wordssaid
  • Added images to web-end for 1.4 new blocks and entities (I forgot to do this last time)
  • New way of sending data to the global server, using JSON.
  • Added pinging to the global stats server
  • Speed increase by using Prepared Statements instead of Statements
  • Some other stuff.

For older changelogs, check the older files

None, please tell me!