Well, thank you everyone who has supported the development of Log, but I have to sadly announce that I have stopped working on it.

UPDATE 20/12/2013: I have begun work on an official successor to Log, available now on BukkitDev under the title exLog.

Log is a plugin that logs block changes. It's aim is to be a feature-filled but lightweight alternative to BigBrother.

Log is designed for small-medium sized servers where the main focus is identifying and banning the griefer, rather than fixing the griefed structure (backups should be used for that).

Compatible with 617 onwards. Latest build officially tested on 1597.

Download From "Files" above

How to Use <- Read this or you don't get support!!!
  • Logs block place and destroy events
  • Lets you look up block place and destroy events using a stick
  • Permissions support
  • Block type/material logging
  • A block to check air and other non-clickable blocks
  • Plaintext buffered SQL alternative to prevent memory leaks
  • POSSIBLE: Auto-delete support - prevent buildup of old stuff
  • PLANNED: Rollback
Future Plans


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