Lock Chest


This plugin allows you to lock your players' containers easily with a simple sign by writing the lock tag on the top of it.

You can also Block players from opening containers using the block tag.

And you can modify signs with a command.

Added doors protection for bukkit version 1.9 and up from Lock Chest v 1.2 and up.

Now beds can be protected from Lock Chest v 1.4.

Hoppers can be protected from version 1.5

Please leave suggestions or bugs in the comment section below.

How to use



/lockchest version : Display informations about Lock Chest.

aliases: /lc

/lockchest help : Display help menu.

aliases: /lc

/lockchest edit <line number> [New Text] : Edit marked signs.

aliases: /lc



  • LockChest.user.lock.chest: Allow to lock chests.
  • LockChest.user.block.chest: Allow to block chests.
  • LockChest.user.lock.hopper: Allow to lock hoppers.
  • LockChest.user.block.hopper: Allow to block hoppers.
  • LockChest.user.lock.furnace: Allow to lock furnaces.
  • LockChest.user.block.furnace: Allow to block furnaces.
  • LockChest.user.lock.beacon: Allow to lock beacons.
  • LockChest.user.block.beacon: Allow to block beacons.
  • LockChest.user.lock.jukebox: Allow to lock jukeboxes.
  • LockChest.user.block.jukebox: Allow to block jukeboxes.
  • LockChest.user.lock.anvil: Allow to lock anvils.
  • LockChest.user.block.anvil: Allow to block anvils.
  • LockChest.user.lock.door: Allow to lock doors.
  • LockChest.user.block.door: Allow to block doors.
  • LockChest.user.lock.bed: Allow to lock beds.
  • LockChest.user.block.bed: Allow to block beds.
  • LockChest.user.lock.*: Gives all lock permissions.
  • LockChest.user.block.*: Gives all block permissions.
  • LockChest.user.editsign: Allow user to edit his signs.
  • LockChest.user.*: Gives the permissions a normal user would normaly need!
  • LockChest.admin.editother: Allow to edit other people signs.
  • LockChest.admin.break: Allow to break other people containers and signs.
  • LockChest.admin.bypass: Allow to use the doors locked by other users
  • LockChest.admin.add: Allow to add chests or doors to already protected ones.
  • LockChest.admin.version: Allow to use the version command.
  • LockChest.admin.snoop: Allow to open another player's container, and blocked containers.
  • LockChest.admin.tell: Tell the player if he is online that someone opened his container.
  • LockChest.admin.lockother: Allow to lock containers to other players.
  • LockChest.admin.help: Allow to use help command.
  • LockChest.admin.*: Gives all admin permissions.
  • LockChest.*: Gives all the plugin permissions.



Put the Lock Chest file in the plugin folder and restart your server.


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