This project is inactive and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. The author may have abandoned it, or it may have outlived its usefulness.


Bukkit server-side plugin for integrating with littleBits.


Just drop the LittleBits-Bukkit.jar in the plugins folder of your Bukkit compatible minecraft server, and restart the server.


Before configuring the LittleBits-Bukkit plugin, you need to find the TOKEN of your littleBits CloudBit account. The littleBits have a page describing this process here:

Once you have that token, you can either use the in-game command:

/littlebits account add TOKEN

Where you simply copy-paste the 64-character token in place of the TOKEN above, or you can manually add the following section to your plugins/LittleBits-Bukkit/devices.yml file:

    label: My Account

and then do a /littlebits reload (not needed when adding it using the in-game command above).

To test whether the connection to the bitCloud went as planned, invoke the /bits acc list command. If the output is something along the lines of:

All accounts:
  Account: My Account
    - device1 (My Account:00e04c52b9a2, in=0, out=0, connected)

Your are all set to continue.


The plugin adds a recipe to manually create a littleBits block, using a diamond, an emerald and a repeater. Place the two gems on either side of the comparator, and you will get an enchanted Repeater named littleBits.

This item can also be obtained by invoking:

/littlebits block give [playername]

When this block is placed in the world, it will be unassigned per default. Right-clicking the block will cycle through all the devices registered in the plugin.

Once a device has been associated to a block, that block will start outputting what-ever input the littleBits device in the real-world is receiving.

If a redstone signal (using redstone wire) is directed into the back-side of the littleBits block in minecraft, the littleBits device in the real-world will be instructed to output a signal accordingly.

Note: I/O from the devices in the real-world is from 0-100, where as the redstone signals in the minecraft world is from 0-15.


  • Support changing label of devices (requires admin role in OAuth against
  • Support registering devices (requires admin scope).
  • Support custom recipe for LittleBits device (move recipe to config.yml)
  • More minified jar-file (we include too much of apache httpcomponents atm).


This is licensed under Apache License v2.0


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