LightWeightWhitelist (LWW) is a very lightweight (not sure if you could make it even lower footprint) whitelist plugin.

LWW works for most, if not all permissions plugins. As long as they're based on the bukkit API! Make sure to review the respective permissions plugin that's relevant for you.


  • Craftbukkit


  • Whitelist with just ONE permission node (how creative)!
  • Customizable kick message (wow, this guy)!

To do

  • Nothing here

How to

  1. Download some permission plugin (or use bukkit's default)
  2. Install by putting the file permissions plugin in your /plugins folder
  3. Set up your permissions in /plugins/<plugin>/<permissions.yml>
  4. Add the node lww.whitelisted to the user or group you want to have being able to join your server
  5. Download LightWeightWhitelist
  6. Put in /plugins folder
  7. Restart server
  8. Go to /plugin/LightWeightWhitelist/config.yml
  9. Change to your own liking
  10. ???
  11. Insert generic <profit> meme here

Why LWW?

I made LWW solely because I hate the vanilla whitelist and every other whitelist plugin (my own opinion). With this plugin, you'll easily be able to run the whitelist however you'd like, whether it would be through a web GUI or some other things you might think of.

An example would be a website with some way to register. When the user registers, he is added to the SQL database (or if you manipulate flat files) if the permission plugin supports it.



  • I've rewritten some functionality, so it's nicer to me now.
  • I've upgraded from only using PermissionsEx system, to using the default Bukkit API. This means you're not bound to PermissionsEx anymore!
  • There's been changes to the config.yml located in the plugins/LightWeightWhitelist folder, so if you've used the plugin before, remember to delete the folder (LightWeightWhitelist) and restart/reload your server.
  • Together with organising the config values, I've also added a debug option. This will only log a bit more information to your server so you can easily find out if you've done something wrong with your permissions file (like forgetting to add lww.whitelisted to the groups/players you wish having whitelisted).



  • Works for latest version of Spigot and Bukkit server.
  • Still relies on PermissionsEx, which IMO is the best permissions plugin that exists.
  • Will do more work later.

1.5: Added command to reload the config (permission node is lww.reload, command is /lww)

1.4: More bug fixes, cleaned up some code

1.3: Bug fixes, added config, added functionality for op's to join no matter the permission for their group

1.0: Release


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