In-game life giving mechanic #3

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  • _ForgeUser16806160 created this issue Aug 20, 2014

    If I've understood correctly, players can only give lives to each other through chat commands. While it's functional, it's not immersive. Any sort of life giving mechanic through in-game actors would add feeling and create atmosphere for the game experience.

    Example (attempting to be as easy as possible to do)

    1. Player has no lives left and dies.
    2. Instead of being kicked out, player becomes Ghost that can only move in small area and cannot interact with anything.
    3. Ghost is immediately transported to player's spawn bed, spawned following spawn rules of the server or remains in the place of death.
    4. To revive Ghost, the other players have to right click Ghost to open crafting window and apply the item that is defined as edible life in the config.

      Being able to specify a different revival item would be a nice addition. However, do not spawn any sort of gravestones in the place of death. There are plenty of mods and plugins where to choose from for that kind of behavior.

    What do you think? Is this feasible and are you interested in implementing an in-game revival system?

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