Ever wanted to implement a life count system on your server?

Well, with LifeMC, now you can! LifeMC allows you to implement a complex life system into Minecraft. Every new player will start out with a default amount of lives. When a player is out of lives, he or she will be banned until that player regains a life. Players can pay eachother in lives. - Find an issue? Have a feature to request? Submit a ticket! - Want to try it out? Download! - Want to look at the source? Check out github! - Like this plugin? Check out my other projects!

WARNING: Do not edit the data files while the server is running, instead edit or check lives using commands. Use at least Java 6.

NOTE: You can find the changelog under the Changelog page (under Pages tab) or when you click the file name (under Files tab)


  • - lifemc.lives.give Allows a player to transfer their own lives to another player.
  • - lifemc.lives.gain Allows a player to eat items to regain lives.
  • - lifemc.lives.check Allows a player to check their amount of lives.
  • - lifemc.lives.check.other Allows a player to check the amount of lives someone else has.
  • - lifemc.lives.set Allows a player to set the amount of lives a player has.
  • - lifemc.lives.add Allows a player to add to the amount of lives a player has.
  • - lifemc.lives.remove Allows a player to remove from amount of lives a player has.
  • - Allows a player to buy new lives.
  • - lifemc.lives.lose A player with this permission will lose a life when he/she dies.


You can view a list of commands by doing /lifemc help <number>!


  • Vault is necessary to run LifeMC!

Fun features!

Hardcore your server up with ban upon running out of lives.
Life storing using text documents in a directory in the plugins folder.
Revive your friends!
Eat items to gain lives
Customize the plugin with a config file and permission support!
Players can buy new lives with ingame currency.
Players can help eachother out with gifting lives.
Support for Minecraft 1.8: LifeMC uses UUIDs so it's futureproof.

Upcoming features

TodoPlanned release date: TBA
Complete code reformat.Completed: Yes
Make it so that not ALL commands are unusable by the consoleCompleted: Yes
Add life giving command. (/lives give [player] [amount])(This will replace revive but there will still be a config for reviving to decide whether you can give to dead players or not)Completed: Yes
Add spout exclusive GUI feature that displays your lives.Completed: No
Add command that shows all commands. (/lifemc help)Completed: Yes
Add config for displaying lives in scoreboard or not.Completed: No
Add config to gain life upon killing another player or not.Completed: No
Add several economic plugin supports for life buying.Completed: Yes
Add config for temp ban or not.Completed: No
Add permission to not lose items on death (if not out of lives).Completed: No
Add config to choose which item you can eat to gain lives.Completed: Yes
Add multiverse support.Completed: No
Add a sort of LifeItem eating safeguard.(Example: shift+RMB)Completed: Yes
Add particle effect and/or sound when someone eats a LifeItemCompleted: No

There will be more added throughout the development of the update


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