Version: 1.1.5 Bukkit: 1.5.X

LavaBoat+ add the possibility to the boats, the minecarts and the players to go on lava.

More than 6,000 downloads !


  • Players can walk on lava
  • Pigs can lava walk with a player saddled on them
  • Boats can be placed on lava
  • Boats can go on lava
  • Minecarts can go on lava.
  • You can move when you are in a boat
  • You can move when you are in a minecart by looking where you want to go and press sneak (once or twice)
  • When you are in a boat on lava you don't burn and the boat too
  • When you are in a minecart on lava you don't burn and the minecart too
  • MultiWorld Support (Page Here)
  • Works with default bukkit permissions :
lboat.*allow to use all the features of this plugin
lboat.minecartsallow to use minecarts
lboat.boatsallow to use boats
lboat.walkallow to walk on lava
lboat.pigallow to use pigs
lboat.worldallow to disable or enable this plugin in your world


/lboat enableEnable lavaboat+ in this world
/lboat disableDisable lavaboat+ in this world
/lboat walkDisable or Enable lava walking for you

Coming soon

  • Please post suggestions !



The plugin was make by _Justyce_ but i use a little part of the code of KillerSmurf his plugin (very outdated).


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