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This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.




One of the common issues I have seen on servers, is when you get players that speak different languages. The issue with this is not everyone can read or write in another language or they don't understand the language someone is using. This plugin will translate what is said, to the users to their defined languages automatically using Google's Translation API.



  • To allow players to communicate to each other without having to know a foreign language.
  • Could possibly help in catching players who avoid your chat filter by using a foreign language.
  • The ability to log console in which ever language you choose.



  • Allows Players to define their language or if none selected server default language
  • What a Player sends in chat, will be read in the other players online, language
  • If Configured in the settings, you can make all logging on console be translated to a defined language
  • Will Use Google Translator API (Have to request an API key from Google Services before plugin can function)
  • Updater will warn if there is a new update but will will not download it for you unless explicitly set.



This Plugin will use metrics and the only things recorded by metrics will be general information such as:

  • How many servers use the plugin
  • Java version being used



So far the exact commands are not yet fleshed out but a couple of commands it will possibly have are :

  • /chat translate (Language Code) - This would set the language that you will receive messages.
  • /chat translate enable/disable - enables or disables the chat translation for the player.
  • /chat translate update - A manual way for checking for an update.



As with commands this list is not complete and will be updated as the time nears completion.

  • chattranslator.use - permission node to allow use of the translation features of plugin.
  • chattranslator.admin - permission node to use functions deemed for admin use (such as the update command)



There are some caveats with this plugin. First one is, if you enable logging for certain languages. The characters for certain languages may not appear correctly in console possibly due to not having the correct language pack for your Operating System. For instance. To enable the use and displaying of all Chines Characters in a program, you need to enable the Chinese Language pack.

The second thing is chat could possibly lag minimally for the players who use this feature. Although I will try to do my best to keep everything highly optimized, there could be slight delays in chat given that it uses Google Translator API to translate the messages. Servers with slow connections are more likely to possibly see a slight or possibly major delay in the Chat.

Third, for now, This project is still a work in progress. What does this mean? It means, that some things on this project will change as project is nearing to a state of a possible build that will function.


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