Update: 3/22/2016

Quote from Jcdesimp:

Hello Landlord Users,

First off I would like to say that this plugin is not abandoned. However I may not be able to actively maintain it for a few months. I'm very busy with things at the moment. I would like to point out that landlord is open source on Github. I encourage anyone who sees any issues and feels like putting the effort in to fork it and share their fix with the world.

I realize that many of you rely on this plugin and some things may have been broken with the release of 1.9. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and hope the impact it has on your servers is minimal.

Hopefully I'll be able to start contributing again soon. Thank you for using Landlord!

- Jcdesimp

Protect land, protect animals, protect it all, with Landlord.


Landlord aims to keep the minecraft experience simple and fluid for players while also protecting their land. The idea is for this plugin to protect player builds with minimal gameplay interference, while also allowing them to tweak the protection details in a simple and user-friendly way.


Players claim land in chunks at a time for a configurable cost. That's all a player needs to do to protect their builds within that chunk. Each area of claimed land will have a very basic permissions system that players can choose to tweak with but also not touch if it isn't desired. The system is based on simple ranks: "Everyone" and "Friends"

Default player land permissions resemble the following:

RankBuildHurt AnimalsOpen ContainersOpen DoorsTNT Damage
RankUse RedstonePvP

Land owners can run a simple command that will open an "Inventory GUI" resembling the table above where users can click each element and toggle the "Yes" or "No" of each perm.

Please note that Landlord requires Java 8 to function properly.


(Aliases: /landlord, /land, /ll)

  • /land help [Page #] - Display help reference
  • /land claim (or buy) - Claim the chunk you are standing in.
  • /land unclaim (or sell) [x,z] [world] - Unclaim the current, or specified, land. (If you own it)
  • /land addfriend <player> - Add specified player as a friend of this land. (If you own it)
  • /land unfriend <player> - Remove specified player from this land's friend list. (If you own it)
  • /land friendall <player> - Add specified player as a friend to all your currently owned land.
  • /land unfriendall <player> - Remove specified player as a friend from all your currently owned land
  • /land friends - View the friends of this land. (If you own it)
  • /land manage - Brings up the permissions management for this chunk. (If you own it)
  • /land list [Page #] - List your owned land.
  • /land info - Get basic information about this current land.
  • /land map - Toggle the land map display.
  • /land reload - Administrative command to reload the landlord config file.
  • /land listplayer <player> - Administrative command to list land owned by specified player.
  • /land clearworld <world> [player] - Administrative command to clear an entire world or all land owned by specified player in the specified world. Clearing an entire world can only be done form the console.


  • landlord.use - Required to use any commands, true by default.
  • landlord.limit.override - Allows unlimited land ownership.
  • landlord.limit.extra - Allow player to own up to "limits.extra" in the config.yml.
  • landlord.limit.extra2 - Allow player to own up to "limits.extra2" in the config.yml.
  • landlord.limit.extra3 - Allow player to own up to "limits.extra3" in the config.yml.
  • landlord.limit.extra4 - Allow player to own up to "limits.extra4" in the config.yml.
  • landlord.limit.extra5 - Allow player to own up to "limits.extra5" in the config.yml.
  • landlord.player.* - Permission for all player permissions below allowed by default for players.
    • landlord.player.own - permission for plot ownership (claim, unclaim, manage, friends, etc.).
    • - permission to use the land map.
    • - Permission to use /land info.
  • landlord.admin.* - Permission for all administrative functions (enabled for OPs by default).
    • landlord.admin.unclaim - permission to unclaim land you do not own.
    • andlord.admin.list -permission to use /land listplayer to view other players' land.
    • landlord.admin.manage - Permission to use /land manage and edit permissions on others' land.
    • landlord.admin.clearworld - Permission to use /land clearworld.
    • landlord.admin.bypass - Bypass whatever player permissions are on a claimed land. (Block breaking, animal kills, etc.)
    • landlord.admin.reload - Permission to use /land reload.
    • landlord.admin.friends - View friends of anyone's land.
    • landlord.admin.modifyfriends - Permission to add/remove friends of anyone's land.


This plugin makes use of Hidendra's plugin metrics system. The following information is collected and sent to unless opted out:

  • A unique identifier
  • The server's version of Java
  • Whether the server is in offline or online mode
  • Plugin's version
  • Server's version
  • OS version/name and architecture
  • core count for the CPU
  • number of players online
  • Metrics version You can opt out of sending Metrics by editing plugins/Plugin Metrics/config.yml and changing opt-out to true.


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