Lets you check the server lag, in ticks-per-second.

Bukkit version does not matter for this plugin.


A lot of plugins tell you that something happens "every X seconds, depending on lag." That's because when the server is overworked, there are less than 20 ticks per second. This plugin will measure the number of ticks per second, and output it on your screen as a "Lag Meter." The plugin can also output the amount of memory free, alert those with a specific permission node when the ticks per second or free RAM goes down too far, and even measure the server's ping to

Tutorials and Reviews

LagMeter 1.9.3: Review By: UltiByte
LagMeter 0.1: Review By: BrandonHopkins
LagMeter 0.1: Review By: ValBGaming
Some of them are a little out of date, but you get the idea.


CI/build (Jenkins) server
You can always pick up the latest compiled version of LagMeter on my CI server. Note that BukkitDev doesn't warrant the safety of these builds, etc, but it's all pulled from GitHub anyways, so you could compile it yourself or look at the commits. Lagmeter is more stable than Lagmeter-bleed.
Jenkins faviconJenkins: latest builds

Version: 1.17.0
Build date: 3 March 2016 BukkitDev Download: Latest Build

Version: 1.15.0
Build date: 23 November 2013
Dropbox Download (zipped; standard doclet)

Source Code GitHub: TheLunarFrog's Source
GitHub: Original Source by DemmyDemon (v.0.4)

Bugs and Feature Requests

Bug reports & Feature Requests


  • Simple, minimum-fuzz installation
  • Configurable without drowning you in options
  • Checks the server performance
  • Ability to check the ping between the server and
  • When someone says "GAH! LAG!", you can /lag, and tell them "Dude, it's your computer sucking."
  • Supports Bukkit's built-in permissions system, for example via [the official plugin](
  • Support for the "old-school" Permissions, as well as PermissionsEX
  • Logging of the lag, if you want it.
  • Logging of players online, with the above, if wanted.
  • Suggestions?

Change Log

Change Log

Commands & Permissions

Commands & Permissions

Configuration Explanation


Example output:

[####################] 20.0 TPS

...or if your server isn't doing so hot...

[##########__________] 10.0 TPS


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