Do your players complain about lag whenever the rain starts? I agree, it's not your fault that their computers aren't up to snuff, but now they don't have to be! With LaglessWeather, users won't be inconvenienced when storms begin.


/laglessweather (/llw) [on|off]
Turn laglessweather on or off for yourself.


If true, listed players will see storms, unlisted will receive notifications when storms start/stop.
If false, reversed. Listed players will not see storms, etc.


Defaults to true. Must be negated by a permissions plugin to deny a player access to the /llw command.


Why not just eliminate storms entirely?

My main motivations would be, to quote from the Rain wiki entry...

  • Mobs on fire will be put out on contact with rain; this prevents skeletons and zombies from burning in daylight.
  • Fish are more abundant during rain.

Will this work with Bukkit X.X.X?

Yes. It's an idea I had when player-specific weather was added to the Bukkit API in... 1.4.7? It should never break.

Future plans?

Originally, I planned to change player time to reflect actual storm light levels, however, it ended up looking pretty bad.
I have no plans to develop this plugin farther. If you want the source, here it is.


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