LabyCraft is a generation plugin for building labyrinths. There are no configuration and no dependencies. The idea came to me after seeing a friend who coded on his scientific calculator a labyrinth generation algorithm. I have made a version of this plugin a long time ago for personnal use, but I think it may interest other people.

It's more difficult to solve a labyrinth in a 3d game, be careful when you walk in, or it will become your tomb :p

How does it work?

The generated labyrinth don't have default starting point or default endpoint. You can break the blocks where you want, because the algorithm guaranteed all the border points has a valid path to other points. You can make 5 starting/end points if you want.


  • The origin is a location on the world, where the labyrinth will be generated (For the moment it's not possible to control the direction of the labyrinth generated, do it in a large place).
  • The width and height parameters (in the commands) are the complexity size of the labyrinth, not the width and height block size.
  • The hight value (default 3) is the size in blocks of the walls
  • The space value (default 1) is the pathway width in blocks

The labyrinth will consist of a floor, walls and a roof. The block dimension of the generated labyrinth is given by :
[width*(space+1)+1] x [hight+2]

Use the clear command with the same values for the build command to clear this area.

The floor, walls and roof material are respectively defined by the first three slots in your inventory when it is closed. Like this :

Screen - Materials

Be careful with the size of the labyrinth, a giant labyrinth (like 100x100) need a lot of computing resource and can freeze your server for a moment.

Commands and permissions

/labycraft help [command]
/labycraft set <origin / space / hight> [value]Edit Labycraft global argumentslabycraft.edit
/labycraft clear <width> <height>Clear the virtual labyrinth arealabycraft.clear
/labycraft build <width> <height>Build a random



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