Simple KO

Welcome to the Simple K.O plugin page !
Simple KO add a new mechanic to your survivals. It is often annoying to die stupidly, and therefore to lose your stuff.
Simple KO therefore gives you a second chance before you really die!

Instead of dying you will fall to the ground with a new life bar at 5 out of 10 hearts,

if you raise your life bar to 10 hearts, you can get up, but if your life drops to 0 hearts, then you die

Feature :
- Restore life points to a K.O player by right-clicking on it
- You lose 1 half heart every 5 seconds once K.O.
- Once K.O you mine slower, you see dark and you do less damage for 30 seconds (only after 1.16)
- Attack a player when hitting the invisible block above him (only after 1.16)

Revive a player :

Install and forget

Kinetic Hosting


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