Kit PvP Signs


What is it?

Kit PvP Signs is a plugin that enables your essentials kits to be received by clicking the sign and choosing what's inside the GUI!

Why would I use this?

Well, this plugin is mainly for Kit PvP servers, such as ones like Kohi and Badlion. They have kit signs where you can choose what you want inside of it and choose your own PvP Items/Layout. For example, you could have a load of signs, such as ones with potions, swords, different armor, and people can choose what they want from each sign to suit their needs!

How do I use this?

Simply, just type 'kitpvp' on the top line like so: Kitpvp1

Then type the kit on the second line: Kitpvp2

Then the sign will be done!: Kitpvp3

Right click the sign and it will display the GUI! Pick what you want!: Kitpvp4


  • Very lightweight (No server impact on performance)
  • Color codes can be used on the kit and will still be displayed
  • Very useful for KitPvP servers
  • Unlimited use


Make sure to give a diamond on PMC and join my server where you can speak to me :D. Donations are appreciated!


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