Kit Essentials

Ever wanted to make your own kits with one command? Ever wanted to make your own GUI that has all your kits in it? If so, this is the perfect plugin for you!

With this plugin, all your have to do to make a kit is to put any kit items you want in your inventory and type /createkit (kit). That's it! No need to mess around with complicated configs that you have to spent 2 hours on.

To give someone access to a kit, simply give him/her "kits.kit.<kit-name>" Example: kits.kit.pvp

To add a cooldown for a kit, give it the "cooldown" option under the the other attributes (in the config). Set it to the amount of seconds before the player can use that kit again.



Command and Permissions

Source Code


- One command kit set up.

- Enable/Disable dropping items on death.

- Customize your GUI to the max.

- Delete kits with one command.

- Block certain item dropping. And a /drop command.

- Customize every message displayed to a player!

- One kit per life


The following is tutorial made by me:


To use the API, simply do KitEssentialsAPI. and then there should be a bunch of stuff that pops up.

There is one custom event so far.


Want to donate? Too bad! Muhaha!

Found a bug? Please report it and I will fix it ASAP.

Still have questions? Don't hesitate to ask!


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