Killing Stats

Killing Stats

by Tim_M


WORKS IN [1.8-1.13]

Killing stats will keep track of player kills, deaths, killstreak, KDR and top killstreak. The plugin is optimized to reduce I/O calls (after the server starts). Killing Stats allows most messages to be changed from lang.yml. How deaths and killstreaks are kept track of can be changed in the config. A new optimization mode was added in 1.1.0 to reduce lag.

Permission for regular players: stats.use

Permission for admin tools: stats.admin


[Regular commands]

/stats - opens a GUI where the player's head shows all the stats.

/stats view [PLAYER] - shows the stats of another player.

/stats reset - resets the stats of the player running the command.

/stats top [KDR/deaths/kills/killstreak] - opens a GUI with the best of a category.

/stats help - shows a menu with all the commands and their uses.


[Admin commands] (Alias: /astats)

/adminstats reset [PLAYER] - reset a player's stats.

/adminstats set [PLAYER] [deaths/kills/streak] [amount] - directly set one of the player's stats.

/adminstats add [PLAYER] [deaths/kills/streak] [amount] - add to one of the player's stats.

/adminstats remove [PLAYER] [deaths/kills/streak] [amount] - subtract one of the player's stats.

 /adminstats help - shows an admin help menu.


[PAPI Support]

%stats_kills% - A player's kills.

%stats_deaths% - A player's deaths.
%stats_kdr% - A player's kill death ratio.
%stats_streak% - A player's current killstreak.


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