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What is KeepNotes

KeepNotes is a simple note-keeping plugin. That's it!

How it works

This plugin allows you to: - Create a note - Delete a note - Transfer a note from under one player's name to another - List your notes - Read a note (duh) - Create a book note (GREAT with my plugin SkyboxMail) - and stuff like that...


All permissions are given to ops by default. Give the nodes to other players in order for them to run the command. "[ ]"s are optional arguments, "< >"s are required arguments.

/keepnotes [reload] - The help/reload menu of the plugin. keepnotes.keepnotes

/addnote <name> <note...> - Add a note into the system. keepnotes.add

/delnote <name> - Delete a note from the system. keepnotes.delete

/movenote <name> <to (player)> - Move a note from under your name to another player's name. keepnotes.move

/listnotes [player] - List your notes or another player's notes keepnotes.list : see a list of your notes keepnotes.list.others : see a list of other player's notes

/note <name> [player] - Read a note (optionally of another player's) : read your own notes : read other player's notes

/booknote <note...> - Create a note in a book (suggested by sleite)

keepnotes.* : Have access to everything (of this plugin)


The configuration file (config.yml) is where all the notes are stored.

The only thing that you might want to change is the prefix (but my prefix looks epic. It's in the image above. I made this feature incase you don't have a good taste of color matches :D)


Typical installation of any plugin, really:

1. Download the Jar File (latest version recommended) 2. Drop it in your plugins folder 3. Start your server 4. Do any configuration (by that I mean prefix-ing) if you want 5. /keepnotes reload (to import the changes you did in the configuration)

To Do

  • Translate plugin to Spanish (can anyone help? PM me)
  • Make notes in books
  • Added sound effects when creating, moving, listing, reading, and deleting a note. Even when reloading the plugin

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