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Damage Causes

Damage causes allow you to specify that a player is only allowed to keep their items if they die for a specific reason. Some of the more useful damage causes are listed below. A full list is available here.

  • block_explosion - Damage caused by being in the area when a block explodes.
  • contact - Damage caused when an entity contacts a block such as a Cactus.
  • drowning - Damage caused by running out of air while in water.
  • entity_attack - Damage caused when an entity attacks another entity.
  • entity_explosion - Damage caused by being in the area when an entity, such as a Creeper, explodes.
  • fall - Damage caused when an entity falls a distance greater than 3 blocks.
  • fire - Damage caused by direct exposure to fire.
  • fire_tick - Damage caused due to burns caused by fire.
  • lava - Damage caused by direct exposure to lava.
  • lightning - Damage caused by being struck by lightning.
  • magic - Damage caused by being hit by a damage potion or spell.
  • poison - Damage caused due to an ongoing poison effect.
  • projectile - Damage caused when attacked by a projectile.
  • starvation - Damage caused by starving due to having an empty hunger bar.
  • suffocation - Damage caused by being put in a block.
  • suicide - Damage caused by committing suicide using the command "/kill".
  • void - Damage caused by falling into the void.

Some commands in third-party plugins, such as CommandBook's /slay command, kill players without specifying a damage cause. If a player is killed by such a command, their items and experience will be dropped at their death location, and their death location will be recorded in the server logs.


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