This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.



This plugin is a lottery plugin based off the idea from an old h_Mod plugin. The old plugin, you would pay a certain amount of items and it would randomly generate a prize. While there are some good lottery plugins, I haven't seen anything as simple or one that isn't competition-based (fighting other players for the prize). And so, this plugin was requested by FrontierCraft to be made.

  • Command-less, sign-based interface and usage on the user-end
  • Multiple lottery lists
  • Configurable items, amounts, and percentages
    • Supports any percentage total, no need to be exactly 100%
  • Potion support

This plugin depends on Vault in order to interface with your economy.

Lotto Sign Creation Guide

This guide can be found using /lotto help.

Line 1: Anything you want
Line 2: [KarmicLotto]
Line 3: name of the lottery
Line 4: price to pay to use

To interact with the lottery sign, just left click it. Right click is disabled currently because the player inventory doesn't seem to want to update.

Commands & Permissions

<param> - necessary parameter
[param] - optional paramter

CommandPermission NodeDescription
-KarmicLotto.useAllows user to use KarmicLotto signs
-KarmicLotto.createAllows user to create KarmicLotto signs
-KarmicLotto.adminAllows user to administrate the plugin
/lotto reloadKarmicLotto.adminReloads config
/lotto help-Shows help. Describes how to make a sign
/lotto version-Shows plugin version info, the current config options, and a list of known and enabled lotteries.

Supernode: KarmicLotto.*
Gives all possible nodes for the plugin


The config.yml file needs to be configured in order for the plugin to work.

defaultAmount- global amount of items to give. This applies to all lotteries. (Default: 1)
defaultPercentage - global default percentage for items, if a percentage is not specified. Applies to all lotteries (Default: 1)
effects - whether or not to use effects on usage. (Default: true)
list - the list of lotteries. Note, even if you have made a lottery, if it is not in this list it will not be seen by the plugin.

lotteries are made following the format:

  • itemid : percentage
  • itemid&datavalue: percentage
  • itemid:
    • amount: amount
    • percent: percentage
  • itemid&datavalue:
    • amount: amount
    • percent: percentage

Example config:
(Note, bullets are only there to help with spacing. They should not be replicated in a real config file)

defaultAmount: 1
defaultPercent: 1
- lotto
- random

  • '35&0':
    • amount: 5
    • percent: 5
  • '35&1' : 6
  • '35&2':
    • amount: 4
  • '35&3':
    • percent: 4
  • '20': 20
  • '89': 5
  • '19': 1
  • '45': 15
  • '47': 23


  • 4: 10

  • Implement in-game commands for creation/modification of lotteries.
  • Support enchanted items
  • Ability to take items as payment? (Low priority. Will do on request.)
  • Have default/generated lottos in the config file
  • More Spout integration

Trello Dev board

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You can comment and vote on any of the topics there.
All changes on the Trello board are in real-time.

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