KarmicJail v0.435


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    Aug 5, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.3.1



  • 1.3.x support due to the change regarding player chat events.


  • Minor fixes and updates


  • Fixed jailed inventory table from having old / duplicate entries for players.
  • Clear inventory for players on-join that are pending jail, if enabled in config.


  • Added permission node to exempt players / groups from being jailed
    • KarmicJail.exempt
  • Fixed permission node check on command for setting timed jails when checking for the KarmicJail.timed permission node
  • Internal changes to how permissions are handled
  • Renamed JailEvent to KarmicJailEvent to reduce conflicts with other plugins.


  • NPE checks for inventory events.
  • Attempt to cut down on database calls on the PlayerChatEvent by checking against cache of online jailed players.


  • Reorganized config regarding groups. Your config files will auto-update.
  • Group modification is now completely optional.
    • Ability to not set a group on jail.
    • Ability to not remove groups on jail.
  • Added an option to define an unjail group.
    • Ability to not return previous groups on jail.
  • Added jailed player event / interaction denial within the config.
    • Deny: chat, commands, block placement / destruction / interaction, item crafting / enchanting / pickup / dropping, player movement.


  • Attempt to cut down on database calls on the PlayerRespawnEvent by having a cache of jailed players that are online.


  • Fix - returnOnUnjail config node should now work properly.
  • Fix - added missing break statements for 3 switches.
  • Listen for when player closes custom Jail Inventory screen.
  • Other minor edits.


  • Made jail teleportation optional via config.
    • jail.teleport - teleport players to jail location on jail and on login (Default: true)
    • jail.teleportRespawn - teleport jailed players to jail location on respawn (Default: true)


  • Fixed jail history entries on player jail to put the correct name of jailer.
  • Fixed added history comment to exclude name in comment and proper argument amount checking.
  • Jail history is now in descending order. Newest entries appear first in the history.
  • Expanded help menu and added jail history help menu.
  • Added jail history page jump command.
  • Reduced on login tasks to 1.5 seconds (half as less time than before).
  • Added optional permission node to require permission for timed jails
    • Only necessary if timedJailNeedsPermission is set to true in the config.
    • If so, players will need the KarmicJail.timed permission node in order to set a time to jailed players.
      • They will still be able to jail players, but any time given will be ignored.
  • Added requested warp all on join config option.
    • If warpAllOnJoin is set to true in the config, players will be warped to the jail location on join, regardless if they are jailed or not.
      • Not the equivalent of them being jailed.
    • Associated ignore permission node: KarmicJail.warp.joinignore
      • Players with this node will NOT be warped to the jail location if the above config setting is enabled.


  • Delayed teleportation of jailed players on server join by 3 seconds (60 ticks) rather than immediately. This should bypass MultiVerse from having jailed players roaming outside of jail on join.


Massive overhaul for beta release

  • Complete revamp of the database handling.
    • Tables will convert automatically. Tested both for MySQL and SQLite.
    • However, in case something goes wrong I urge you to back up your tables.
      • If you're using SQLite, just back up the jail.db file in the plugin folder.
      • If you're using MySQL, I'm assuming you know what you're doing.
    • In the event that something does go wrong, please give me the full stacktrace if available.
  • Complete restructure and refactor of the code.
    • AKA no more large main class <.< About time I got rid of it.
  • Inventory management of jailed players.
    • Can remove a player's inventory when jailed. Optionally, can be returned.
    • Can modify the contents in real-time if enabled in the config and if the player has the correct permissions.
    • /jailinv <player> OR /jinv <player>
    • Armor not supported yet
  • Warp to the last position of any player on the server.
    • /jaillast <player> OR /jlast <player>
  • Can teleport people to the jail location without having to "jail" them.
    • /jailwarp <player> OR /jwarp <player>
  • Complete history write up of every jail event for every player that has ever been jailed.
    • Can be paged through and extra comments added to the rep sheet
    • Any jail reason change is also added to a player's history.
  • /jailhistory <args> OR /jhistory <args>
    • jhistory command arguments:
    • view <player> - view the jail history for specified player
    • next - go forward a page
    • prev - go back a page
    • add <player> <comment...> - add a comment to the given player's history. Can use color codes
    • If no argument given, it will show your current page of your last viewed history.

If you use any of the following plugins, update them as well due to this internal library change:

  • Armor removed from player inventory when jailed and not returned on unjail.
  • /jwarp does not take in multiple players like other commands.
  • On the rare occasion, when a player is unjailed, their groups are not returned. Haven't notice this happen on mutli-group users. More than likely is occurring for default group users.