Karma automatically promotes (and demotes) players based on the amount of time they have spent online. It does this through a system of points that are given out to online players at a regular interval. It includes many additional features and commands to fine-tune the ranking experience for your server and it's players.

Although Karma is just now being released as a complete plugin, it has been in development since December 2011!


  • Automatic promotion and demotion of players
  • Random events which give out Karma points (a Karma "party")
  • Customizable ranks, messages, etc
  • Gift karma to others
  • Usable with plugins like BuyCraft
  • Automatic import of players

Karma Party

Karma points are spread amongst server players at a Karma party. This is a configurable event at a random interval (in bounds) where all online players receive a defined amount of Karma points. Players can get promoted at a Karma party if they have enough points for the next available rank.

Groups and Tracks

Ranks are defined in various groups inside of the configuration file. Each rank has a Karma point value which must be reached in order to be promoted to that rank. Groups can be organized into tracks to control which ranks a player can be promoted to. More information on groups and tracks can be found on the groups and tracks page.


Players can lose Karma and be demoted if they do not show up on the server in a configurable period of time. By default Karma takes away 1 point per day of inactivity.

Setting up Karma

You will need a modern permissions plugin that supports group inheritance. 1. Install Karma in your server plugins folder 2. Start the server to generate a configuration file 3. Modify the generated groups in plugins/Karma/config.yml to the groups of your server. Recommended to place staff ranks in a separate track. For a single track, remove all other tracks except for the default one. Group order is determined by points, more points, higher power. 4. Change the commands in promotion and demotion to the commands provided by your permissions plugin. 5. Add the permission "karma.GROUPNAME" to each group in your permissions plugin with the name of the group in Karma. 6. Save the config and reload the server. Players will be imported to Karma groups and tracks based on their permissions plugin rank.

This is a quick start guide. For more information, read up on the configuration and commands.


Check our code on the repository tab and submit bugs/features to the issues tab. Karma provides an API you can use in your plugins. If you want to submit code back to the project, create a patch and post a ticket.


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