This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

< . . . Description . . . >

This plugin has 3 different features; Music Composition, Music/Songs Player (for composed songs) and Sound Player. You can create you own songs with ALL the minecraft sounds and note block sounds and tones, and then, play them with a command in a saved location or in minecraft events, like a player join, player death, teleports... actions like jump, break blocks.... limit is your imagination. Ready to rock your server?

< . . . Current Features . . . >

  • Composer:
    • It's really easy to create your own songs or just sounds, you'll find some examples in the "songs.yml" file in the plugin folder.
    • You can choose between any minecraft sound or note block sounds/tones.
    • You can choose a delay for each note to create a entire song, or even make chords.

  • Player:
    • You can reproduce your Songs/Sounds just with a command in your location, in saved locations OR (most fun) in some events/actions.
    • You can choose a delay to play the song/sound in every case/event or enable/disable it as you wish. Some Events/Actions in which you can play your Songs/Sounds:
      • Player Join.
      • Player Death.
      • Player Respawn.
      • Player Teleport.

        < . . . How to Use . . . >

  • /juke play <song> [location] : Plays the chosen song in your location or in a saved location (if you write a saved location).
  • /juke reload : Reloads the Config and Songs file.
  • /juke save <name> : Saves the location with a name into the Locations.yml file. (Next version)

    < . . . Permissions . . . >

  • JukeCraft.admin : Grants access to all the commands.
  • JukeCraft.user : Permission needed to trigger the sounds on events.

    < . . . Next Features . . . >

( I wish you to have the last word in this, so please comment, and tell me what do you want in the next version! )

  • Add tons of new events to play songs/sounds!
    • Player Kill (EntityType)
    • Player Break (BlockType)
    • Player enters WorldGuard Region (WorldGuard greeting flag)
    • Player leaves WorldGuard Region (WorldGuard farewell flag)
    • Player types (Command).
  • Add permissions to trigger songs/sounds for each event.

    < . . . Changelog . . . >

< . . . Errors / Issues - Troubleshooting . . . >

  • Plugin won't load!
    • Your server version is the same as the plugin one?
    • Do you have Java 7 installed? (java 6 will not work)
  • I get tons of errors!
    • Use Pastebin to paste your errors.
  • I can't play my songs, its says "non-existent song"!
    • YAML files are really sensitive, if you mess up a simple space the file will get unparseable to bukkit, make sure you've all the correct spaces, no tabs and no weird simbols, just give a look at the examples.
  • Sounds/Notes are lagging:
    • As all my plugins, this is not an exception an has a really high performance, but as any other plugin depends on you server performance, if your server lags, the sounds will lag, because sound signals are sended by the server.

      < . . . About the Author . . . >

When i start a server with dozens of plugins i have the same fear... will plugins break with this build? Well I can guarantee my plugins WILL NOT! cause i'm an active programmer, i'll always update my plugins to work with latest RB CraftBukkit Builds, so relax and enjoy.

Also, you can hire me to make a custom plugin for your server, just ask!

< . . . Donations . . . >

This is a free work, i'm not gonna get rich with this, so if you like my work, want to speed up the development or get custom features, please feel free to donate, a simple $ is enought to buy me some cookies :)



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