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JTornado is an plugin thats create an tornado if you placed the tornade block! its for fun and for RolePlay servers. It supports a lot off othere plugins. Example: WorldEdit and PermissionsEX, e.t.c If you would turn the tornado off, you must wait. It turn himself off Your gettig the Tornado block. Tornado block can you make with .

  • Flint and steel
  • Diamondblock
  • Emerald block

You can allow users to create an tornado, or you can use it for yourself. it trolls people and its very funny!

Whats in the plugin?

  • Tornado Block
  • Tornado
  • Permissions
  • Tornado off after 30/50/60 seconds
  • Support WorldGuard regions

How to install?

Download it and place the plugin in your plugins folder and reload/rerstart your server! The plugin should work ;-)

jtroller.tornado(Permission for the tornado)
jtroller.tree(Give an player the permissions for an tree)
jtroller.help(shows the info page from the plugin)
jtroller.explosion(Creates an explosion by the player
/jtornado <player>(Spawns an tornado to an player! Warning: The tornado destroy their house)
/jtree(Spawns an tree at the given player location)
/jexplosion(Create an explosion at the given player location)

To do

  • More trollers
  • More tornados
  • Adds sounds
  • Adds effects
  • Create config file
  • More commands


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