About jList

jList is a simple plugin designed to list who is online on a server or in a particualar world. The plugin uses a player's displayName rather than their actual name, meaning they show up on the list exactly how they appear when they chat.

You can read examples on how to use the plugin which include listing all the players on the server and in a particular world.

Need an easy way to add coloured prefixes and suffixes to your players? Have a look at jList sister plugin jChat.


  • Lightweight: only does player lists
  • See who is online on the server or in a particular world.
  • Uses player displayNames: players show up on the list like they do when they chat
  • Text wrapping support: player names are not split between lines.
  • Simple: Nothing to configure, just drop the .jar in your plugin directory


  • A plugin to change players displayNames such as jChat.


Latest version

You can download the latest version of jlist by using the link above. It symbolically links the current version so you can always be sure this one is the current version. Because it will never change you can also use it for things like CraftBukkitUpToDate.

Older versions

If for any reason you need to use a older version you can look through the directory above for the version you want. If you have to do this let me know why in the issues part of GitHub. I will not be able to offer support for anything other than the current stable release of jList.


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