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This plugin allows you to create a restricted items list, you can restrict item ownership, usage, placement, pickup, brewing potions, wearing armor, drop, smelt, craft or items from creative menu. Also it features a world scanner to remove blocks already placed. It was created for modded servers in first place because there you need to restrict dangerous stuff. Was well tested on MCPC 1.6.4 and KCauldron 1.7.10, should work fine on newer versions.


Important! I made this plugin for my 1.6.4 and 1.7.10 modded servers where you need to ban bad items, it was made for this thing in mind and if you still run a 1.6 or 1.7 modded server this works great! However since 1.9 Minecraft made allot of changes to remove items numeric ID's and in 1.13 they are now completely removed, this plugin was made to work with item ID's therefore further updates no longer make sense on this plugin. I will no longer update this plugin for newer Minecraft versions, also updates with new features will be less likely as my time is limited. But plugin source code is available if you need to improve it.


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  • Restrictions can be enabled on all worlds or specific worlds. Config option 'EnableOnAllWorlds: true' it's great for modded servers where players can create dimensions and with this option nobody will be able to bypass restrictions in some worlds.
  • Features a World Scanner that can be enabled or disabled in the config. The world scanner scans the loaded chunks to remove restricted items. * * The scanning is done in a separate thread so the server performance will not be affected.
  • The restricted list saves the items ID, this way it's easy to restrict modded items and vanilla items too.
  • You can provide reasons for each restricted item.
  • Features sound effects on commands and when interacting with a restricted item.
  • All chat messages and prefix can be customized with full color and format codes support.
  • Features particle effects when trying to pickup a restricted item from the ground.


  1. Because after minecraft 1.9 came out some items like potions have the same item ID and data value, restricting them is no longer possible in versions 1.9 and later because this plugin uses items ID and values and not NBT data.
  2. Removing recipes from the game is no longer possible in any spigot 1.12 versions due to a bug. Use CraftingBan feature until this is fixed. Bug tracker:

What can you restrict?

This is the main restriction that covers multiple ways of getting items. This will confiscate the items if the player manage to get them in his inventory or tries to pick them up.

This will block the usage of items or placed blocks.

You can just block the crafting of items and allow others with bypass permission to still craft them or completely remove the crafting recipe from the game.

This will completely remove the smelting recipe from the game and nobody will be able to smelt it.

Blocks the placement of certain blocks.


Block break
Restrict breaking of certain blocks.

Block brewing of certain potions.

Wearing Armor
Block players from wearing certain armors.

Block getting certain items using the creative menu or mouse middle click.

Block the pickup of items.

Block dropping of certain items.

World Banned
This will use the world scanner to remove blocks already placed on the map.

No Dependencies.

Install instructions

  1. Place the plugin in the server plugins folder.
  2. Start the server to generate the config.yml and the RestrictedItems.yml configs, then stop the server.
  3. Open the config.yml and customize the settings, then open the RestrictedItems.yml to add items to the restricted list. You will find in the config file a lot of details about settings and how to add items to the restricted list.
  4. Start the Server. Done, enjoy you server will be safe now.

How to add items to the Restricted list?

  1. Open the RestrictedItems.yml config and add the items there, you will find there details about how to do it.
  2. Save the changes done and run the command /itemrestrict reload to apply the changes.


ItemRestrict.bypass -> Bypass all the restrictions
ItemRestrict.admin -> Bypass the item restrictions and access to the /itemrestrict reload command. Default to OP

Ban Exceptions on some items only.
Permission structure: ItemRestrict.bypass.itemID.dataValue.restrictionType

Restriction types: use | place | break | craft | brew | creative | own | wear | drop | pickup



/itemrestrict and /itemrestrict help -> Will give you the help page
/itemrestrict reload -> Reloads the config.yml and RestrictedItems.yml configs. Needs permission: ItemRestrict.admin


This plugin was inspired by popular TekkitCustomizer plugin, but as we needed some things changed and updated we coded this plugin from 0 with similar features and new options to fit our needs.


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This plugin is made by CraftersLand Minecraft Community.

:) Feel free to check us out at:​


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