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Use this plugin to ban items and blocks for Bukkit, Tekkit, and FTB servers using the Bukkit API. TekkitCustomizer removes banned items from the world and player inventories. It is easy to configure, can be applied retroactively, and automatically logs confiscated items. It requires no permissions plugin unless exceptions are need for certain players. The plugin settings default to commonly-banned Tekkit items.

Because every story that starts with "We decided to start up a Server..." shouldn't end with "...so we had to reset the world."


Copy the .jar file into your plugins folder to install the plugin. Then restart the server or use a plugin manager to load the plugin.


An entry in the config file (config.yml) to ban ALL wool looks like this:

35:*:wool:because pink wool is for girls
  1. The first part is the material ID.
  2. The second part is the data value. Some blocks have the same ID, but a different data value. For instance, white wool is 35:0, while pink wool is 35:6. If you put an asterisk, that means ban ALL data values for the given material ID.
  3. The third part is for your reference. It will appear in the logs to shorthand what the various IDs and data values mean.
  4. The fourth part is the reason for the ban. It will be shown to players at useful times such as when a player tries to craft a banned item. If you don't fill in the reasons for your bans, you will be constantly asked why various items are banned.

After you edit your ban list, use /ReloadBannedItems to update the bans in-game. If your config.yml file "resets itself", that means you made a formatting mistake while editing the file. NotepadPlusPlus is a free file editor perfect for editing YAML files

A full list of Block IDs will help you add banned items. You can also get the block IDs and Data Values by using /blockinfo (requires /op or tekkitcustomizer.blockinfo permission). This tells you the information about the item you're holding and the one you're pointing at in the world. Some items have a different values in your inventory as opposed to ones place in the world (eg. a door item in the inv vs a placed door in the world).

Making Ban Exceptions

A player who has /op automatically ignores bans as with any player with permission:


You can make individual ban exceptions to give some players to generally banned items through permission nodes. Here are various examples, which should help you understand without further explanation.

- tekkitcustomizer.35.*.use
- tekkitcustomizer.35.6.place
- tekkitcustomizer.35.*.craft
- tekkitcustomizer.35.6.own
- tekkitcustomizer.35.6.*
- tekkitcustomizer.35.*.*

You can't prevent a specific player's placed block from being removed from the world as this plugin does not track who owns placed blocks in the world.

Types of Bans

Usage Bans

This ban prevents players from using an item, which means left-click or right-click while the item is in-hand. This works well for items like the Mining Laser, but won't stop players from using items which benefit from passive use (eg. modded armors, Talisman of Repair, etc.). You will need a crafting ban or ownership ban to prevent players from getting those items at all.

It's not possible for any plugin to prevent a player from using an item when it is activated by a keystroke (eg. R, G, C, etc.), which are common especially for Equivalent Exchange items. This is why many EE items are on the default ownership bans list even though their functions are not all really ban-worthy.

Crafting Bans

This ban prevents players from crafting an item. When the player tries to craft the item, they get a message that they can't. This is the most player-friendly approach to preventing players from getting banned items. Forge mods don't always hook into Bukkit, meaning its possible for players to get banned items through some automatic or non-crafting approach (eg. alchemy). When you crafting-ban an item, test for workarounds, which may lead you to ban additional items to prevent those workarounds. The contraband scanner will help you identify the existence of workarounds by creating log messages each time it takes an item out of a player's inventory.

Ownership Bans

This ban prevents player from picking up an item from the ground or from a container (eg. a chest). If a player doesn't have permission to own an item, they won't be able to craft it. The contraband scanner will search each player's inventory for ownership-banned items and actually remove them without warning, notification, or compensation. Any items which are actually found in a player's inventory which the player doesn't have permission for will trigger a log entry, so you can follow-up with an investigation to find out how the player managed to get the item in the first place.

Placement Bans

This ban prevents a player from building a block in the world. A player that already has an item which is later placement-banned can still trade it with another player or break it down into energy (EE mod) to get some value out of it.

It is recommend to place most or all placement ban items to your crafting ban list. This will prevent your players from unknowingly spending their resources to craft a block which they then can't place in the world like they planned leading to them feeling cheated and likely complaining. The only exception you might make to this rule is for an item which can't be placed, but is still useful because it's an ingredient in another recipe for an item you haven't banned.

World Bans

This ban will retroactively remove the placed block from the world through the contraband scanner. This is great if you need to ban an item, but also know it's in the world (eg. energy collectors and world anchors). This will help clean up newly-banned items without having to search your entire world for them. There are exceptions to this removal as the scanner can't determine who owns the block.

Similar to the ownership ban, this ban will trigger a log message when a contraband block is removed, along with its location so that you may investigate to find out how the block got there in the first place.


Download the correct CraftBukkit version for your server as labelled on the uploaded files as major Bukkit API changes occurred between 1.2.5 to 1.4.7.

The default ban list is made for Classic Tekkit based on hands on testing done by BigScary. Before deciding to remove items from this list, be sure to read the reasons for default bans to understand why it was originally removed. If you are running FTB, Tekkit Lite, or other mod packs, do your own research for what you want banned and change the config file accordingly.

Save yourself some time! Check our Frequently Asked Questions page for the answer to your question. If you found a bug, make a ticket and include your config file.

The following features are planned for the next release:

  1. Vastly improved performance (Confirmed)
  2. Add configurable scanner settings (Confirmed, in progress)
  3. Change in config file structure (Confirmed, in progress)
  4. Change in permission nodes (Tentative, investigating)
  5. Consolidate Usage Bans and Placement Bans (Tentative, investigating)
  6. Consolidate Ownership Bans and Crafting Bans (Tentative, investigating)
  7. Dropped 1.2.5 support (Tentative)
  8. Dropped explosion prevention support (Confirmed)


Unlike other players who have a choice to play the game, my commitment to development and administration usually means I cannot and I'm fine with that choice. A lot of my free time is actually spent designing, developing, testing, and fixing plugins like this one to make Minecraft more enjoyful for all players. If you like this plugin, please consider sending me a donation by clicking the button below :) Thanks!


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  • Avatar of darkjenso darkjenso Apr 17, 2014 at 23:43 UTC - 0 likes

    is there a way i can add a second group for banned items?

    for example i have a creative world on a voltz server with separate inventory. however, what i have found is that players have been able to build a moon rocket in creative andbring their items over to the real moon.

    I dont want to bann rockets, i just dont want them in creative. any way to do this?

  • Avatar of digimbyte digimbyte Apr 03, 2014 at 22:57 UTC - 0 likes

    @Bunni1337: Go I think you miss the point entirely, this issue could be fixed with a -All option, just saying. Why? because Tekkit Customizer's main course is to Ban server crashing/world corrupting items, thus should affect all forms of worlds by default and using permissions to override items in worlds is a more ideal approach

    Second, DimensionalDoors is the folder, the pocket Dimensions are also a sub folder of that folder. at the end of the day, this is a flaw with the plugin itself for not being able to detect it.

    I am fully aware it is supposed to find the folder, I am not configuring it wrong as the folder hierarchy is there, and I don't use FTP, I'm not limited to such cheap antics other server developers are. Maybe you should take my word for it that Dimensional Doors doesn't work the same as other DIM's

    Example, you keep going on about Myst world, well to Hexxit that would be Twilight Forest, The End and the Nether, all of which have been converted to DIM's eg DIM7 DIM-1 DIM 1 Dimensional Doors is a hot loaded world.

    Some items I wish to ban from crafting but not owning, like currency based items. How about you download the hexxit kit, and get it working yourself to prove me wrong, or maybe look at the architecture and see the problems I face.

    The problem is the plugin, it core roots are on the world basis, instead of approaching from the player on a global scale. Because if it was to ban corrupted or dangerous items or blocks, they why should they be allowed in some worlds and not others as other people keep going on about? allowing certain people to craft it or allowing it in certain worlds should be a permission override to that world, not handled by the plugin. I have tried contacting the 'owner' and there is no Ticket System, if you visit the GIT Repository it actually links to the original developer who says he's abandoned the project.

    Last edited Apr 03, 2014 by digimbyte
  • Avatar of Bunni1337 Bunni1337 Apr 02, 2014 at 00:57 UTC - 0 likes

    @ digimbyte you just added the word dimensional doors.... thats not restricting anything. I currently am not running a server with that plugin to even have dim doors but im sure the folder the pocket dimensions are stored in backned isnt just called dimensional doors...

    You need to go into your server via FTP. Dig around and find what folder actually holds that data for the pocket dimensions. like in my example the myst worlds i added. thats the actual physical name of the folder backend containing that myst world. If the name you put in tekkit coustmiser's config is not the name of the actual folder backend, then nothing is being protected. They do work and the crafting / world bans are in effect in the worlds i added to the config. Thus why im lost on why you keep asking about a global world ban. For like the 100th time, this plugin has that. It lets you have Ownership, Crafting, Placement AND World bans. Any normal folder like your overworld and nether and twilight and the end will all auto be covered. Any other world must be added manually. You cant just put "dimensional doors" and somehow think it will work. In order to even exist the pocket DIM created by going in the door generates a folder inside your server someplace backend. You must find that specific folder and specifically add its name to the config

    You claim they can make banned items in the pocket DIM then go use them on overworld. If thats true you did something wrong. Even if they craft it, if you banned the item in every way possible then even if they take the item to the overworld not only couldn't they use it, it would remove the item from their inventory entirely. Meaning even if you didnt protect the pocket DIM at all then you still shouldn't be having that issue.

    Look at how the defualt config is set up, with some items being placement banned, others being crafting banned, others usage banned and a bunch world banned? Well if you want to 100% ban an item you must have a different ban line in each of the possible bannable ways. Example:


    ProtectSurfaceFromExplosives: true

    RemoveUUMatterToNonRenewableItemRecipes: false


    - world

    - DIM7

    - DIM1

    - DIM-1

    - DIM_MYST6

    - DIM_MYST9



    - 27002:*:Min.Stone:Bypasses anti-grief to change blocks in protected areas.

    - 27003:*:Philosopher's Stone:Bypasses anti-grief to change blocks in protected areas without permission.

    - 194:3:Quan.Gen:Creative Only item, causes major server lag and to OP.

    - 250:11:Recycler:Allows for mass producing UU.


    - 27002:*:Min.Stone:Bypasses anti-grief to change blocks in protected areas.

    - 27003:*:Philosopher's Stone:Bypasses anti-grief to change blocks in protected areas without permission.

    - 194:3:Quan.Gen:Creative Only item, causes major server lag and to OP.

    - 250:11:Recycler:Allows for mass producing UU.


    - 27002:*:Min.Stone:Bypasses anti-grief to change blocks in protected areas.

    - 27003:*:Philosopher's Stone:Bypasses anti-grief to change blocks in protected areas without permission.

    - 194:3:Quan.Gen:Creative Only item, causes major server lag and to OP.

    - 250:11:Recycler:Allows for mass producing UU.


    - 27002:*:Min.Stone:Bypasses anti-grief to change blocks in protected areas.

    - 27003:*:Philosopher's Stone:Bypasses anti-grief to change blocks in protected areas without permission.

    - 194:3:Quan.Gen:Creative Only item, causes major server lag and to OP.

    - 250:11:Recycler:Allows for mass producing UU.

    See how each of the things im trying to ban is in each ban section? If you dont ban it in each way, then they can use it in whatever way you didnt ban. So even if Ender Bow is craftable in pocket DIM, bringing it to overworld, and trying to use it, based upon how usage, world and ownership bans work, the item would instantly be taken.

    I think your missing core concept of what im trying say about your pocket dimensions. If there's 1000000 pockets dimensions, you literally have to find the folder with all the names of those pocket dimensions and manually add them as i did with my two myst worlds. If you dont put the exact name in tekkit coustmizers config for the name of the world your trying to ban items in then nothing will be banned. You literally have to login to your FTP and find the area the server creates and stores pocket dimensions and manually add the dimension's folder's name to the config or nothing will be banned properly. You may get lucky and one folder will contain them all and you can use its name, if not you literally have to put each and every one, then each new one that created. I think thats why Dim Doors are banned on so many servers, their almost impossible to track and protect. But again if you banned everything initially then taking the banned item from the pocket DIM and into the overwolrd would cause the item to disappear. Read the specific descriptions of what each ban type does. Its all up there in blk and white. Also like I said, make a ticket and ask the creator directly. Maybe he dint think of protecting things in pocket DIM;s and would even add a protection for that in the update if it was brought to his attention? An idea would be to crafting ban the DIM doors and make them a donation item? So you have less trust issues with people trying to cheat ect? Idk their major lag anyhow lol >_<

    If you keep having issue ill just DL a server of a modpack with dIM doors and see if I can help you find the specific folder the pocket dIM worlds are contained in.

    also you should check to ensure your world is called world. I noticed helping backend on a friends server he had named his world. so "world" generic in the config wouldn't work, thus why nothing was being banned for my friend. So yea, thats also something to check and see about. :)

    Sorry your having so many issues @_@

    Last edited Apr 02, 2014 by Bunni1337
  • Avatar of digimbyte digimbyte Mar 26, 2014 at 02:52 UTC - 0 likes

    @Bunni1337: Go

    and I have tested it, I have 'world' and I even added

      ProtectSurfaceFromExplosives: true
      RemoveUUMatterToNonRenewableItemRecipes: true
      - world
      - DIM7
      - DIM-23
      - DIM1
      - DIM-1
      - DimensionalDoors

    the bans aren't in effect, you can still place/use banned items there

    I'm NOT after world bans, the pocket dimensions are empty.
    its people crafting banned items in them then using them.

    like the Ender Bow.

    Last edited Mar 26, 2014 by digimbyte
  • Avatar of Bunni1337 Bunni1337 Mar 18, 2014 at 07:56 UTC - 0 likes

    @digimbyte: Go

    .. It was not a dismissive reply for one. It specifically went over your issues and responded to them. Guess you didn't read what I said. Or the plugin page for that matter. it DOES have a global option. -_- its CALLED world. Lets try and make it simpler for you since you seem to think I didn't answer your reply thoughtfully. Pocket Dimensions and Myst words are very very different. The way in which pocket dimensions are created stored and saved make it harder to track and enforce and categorize them with an external plugin. This plugin does everything you need. it does have a global ban, its called a world ban, by world they mean global when using it in this plugin. Any dimension that has a specific name can be added to the config like i showed in my previous example. It may or may not add automatically for you, but it CAN be added, tested and currently working in 2 myst worlds I have. If that dim does not have a specific folder with a name that can be linked to, it cannot be protected. However usage bans and crafting bans still work while your in a pocket dimension because of the way this plugin is set up. I have already tested it and you cannot craft an item even though the pocket dimension is not specifically listed inside the plugins config. If the world the pocket dim came from has it banned it carries over. And again with some more looking into it hexxit is rather differently backed than tekkit and FTB. And i have looked AGAIN and it still does not specifically say anyplace on this plugins pages that it supports hexxit. It also says: Save yourself some time! Check our Frequently Asked Questions page for the answer to your question. If you found a bug, make a ticket and include your config file.

    So I'd think if trying to find pocket dim stored places and their names so you can add to config does not work then make a ticket and explain your issue to the actual plugin creator. as 99% of creators refuse to answer questions in comments. they have a ticket support system. so instead of bashing someone whos not a creator and simply a server owner, whos legitimately looking into a random persons issue just to attempt to help, make a ticket. Like for real, just trying to help, dont hate on me if you dont like the answer I attempt to help your issue with. Least I tried to help and made an actual attempt.

    (Items need to be banned in every way specifically to be banned 100%. Also if you feel like the world ban takes to much time to remove the item from the world increase the chance it has to check a chunk for the item in the config.)

    Last edited Mar 18, 2014 by Bunni1337
  • Avatar of digimbyte digimbyte Mar 14, 2014 at 13:43 UTC - 0 likes

    @Bunni1337: Go

    what a dismissive reply. lets lay down some things here, Hexxit is like every other mod pack for CB 1.5.2, dimensions are now a standard in a lot of packs with the dimension Manager mod that handles hot loading of worlds.

    Plugins like ItemRestrict which is a modified version of TekkitCustomizer, other plugins like modifyWorld work in dimensions too, the problem is simply that the 'worlds' list does not have an 'all' option like ItemRestrict.

    the problem with ItemRestrict is it has no delete option, the item is simply dropped. and it has a smaller view of what can be controlled. TekkitCustomizer is more ideal but the world filter doesn't work.

    Now Blaming Hexxit for TC not working with Dim doors is silly because it comes it comes down to the plugin to have dynamic world support or not.

    What TekkitCustomizer needs is a GLOBAL option. simply because of items that crash the servers, duplicate items and exploit games, and not enforcing that on a global scale is Foolish.
    Last edited Mar 14, 2014 by digimbyte
  • Avatar of Bunni1337 Bunni1337 Mar 13, 2014 at 11:08 UTC - 0 likes

    @ digimbyte I said myst worlds. Pocket dim's do not count and can't be modified in every single plugin ive tried. Seems only essentials works for banning items in them. But normal myst worlds do show up, usually automatically. and in the one instance it didnt, i did add i myself and have saved and refreshed several times and it has stayed. Thus meaning the config accepted it cuz the thing goes back to default if you do anything wrong.

    See: TekkitCustomizer:

    ProtectSurfaceFromExplosives: true

    RemoveUUMatterToNonRenewableItemRecipes: false


    - world

    - DIM7

    - DIM1

    - DIM-1

    - DIM_MYST6



    I have added it myself and it stayed just fine, also the bans work in that world sooo, obviously it works. Hexxit also is not listed as one of the packs supported. Its says Tekkit, not tecnic pack soo..maybe hexxit may not be fully compatible with it. Unlike the ftb im using. I had several issues with hexxit not accepting certain plugins, thus why I made the switch to ftb. Tekkit just doesn't seems good for pvping, lol. = :3

    Also I answered my own question below, but I discovered more indepth that using 0 does work, but only if there are other items in that number sequence. Use an * if there are not. Example: block A's ID is 1 , it has no other numbers in its sequence, I.E. 1:2,1:3. So use the * when blocking the item. Using 0 won't work if its the only one If block B;s ID is 2 and has other numbers 2:1,2:3, then use 2:0 when blocking it. The * will block allll the itmes in the sequence. Just adding this info encase it helps anyone. Had me puzzled for a while. ^_^

    Last edited Mar 18, 2014 by Bunni1337
  • Avatar of digimbyte digimbyte Mar 06, 2014 at 04:40 UTC - 0 likes

    @Bunni1337: Go

    in the config.myl you'll notice a list of worlds, my myst worl showed up there, thus meaning any item that creates a DIM should also be covered by defualt, if not add it to the list manually...

    @Bunni1337: Go Not true, worlds don't seem to be added automatically. and its not possible to add them manually, I'm running a HEXXIT 152 server too. and pocket dimensions are created. we litterally have 7000 of them and they are generated on the fly.

    a global option is needed, or at least a dynamic wildcard

    Also, found a bug. when placing items that are banned (saplings and heads, etc) Under Usage Bans: the items appears to be removed from your inventory, and you have to place again for it to re-appear. although that can cause items to be lost.

    Last edited Mar 06, 2014 by digimbyte
  • Avatar of jasondickie jasondickie Feb 27, 2014 at 21:10 UTC - 0 likes

    so right now I'm using 2 different plugins to accomplish the same thing, TekkitCustomizer to ban things like quarries in the over world, and ban item to ban things like mining lasers on the entire server, just wondering if that could be accomplished in the config of TekkitCustomizer or configuration of your plugin. i realize that i could create separate permissions files for each world, but that would be a pain in the... every time we wanted to make a server wide change. Great plugin by the way.

    Last edited Feb 27, 2014 by jasondickie
  • Avatar of Bunni1337 Bunni1337 Feb 20, 2014 at 17:57 UTC - 0 likes

    @ajay01281990: Go You Dl'd the ver for 1.6, its even in the error you posted, try reading the error. It keeps yelling ver 1.6 when you stated your using 1.5.2 :) get the one for 1.5.2 and your proper CB ver.

    @FabiMC: Go You didn't set the config up properly. You banned only the placing of the nuke. If you world, ownership and craft ban it as well, not only will the item be taken the moment it hits a chest or inventory, it wont be craft-able @ all...

    @iPodHacks142: Go in the config.myl you'll notice a list of worlds, my myst worl showed up there, thus meaning any item that creates a DIM should also be covered by defualt, if not add it to the list manually... :)

    @monstermon5: Go Your using 1.4.7 thats why. Note the Ver next to the DL.... if you have 1.6 get 1.6 if you have 1.5.2 get 1.5.2. Pay attention to your CB (craft bukkit) Ver. That matters, thus why there's 2 for 1.5.2, two diffrent CB versions. You seem to need 1.4 found on their curse page (or any one with your proper CB) http://www.curse.com/bukkit-plugins/minecraft/tekkitcustomizer#t1:other-downloads

    And now a question of my own. So, i'm gunna use wool as an example cuz thats what seems to be popular... Say I want to ban just plain wool, but allow use of all the other wools. If i ban just the white, then the way this plugin is set up it would ban all wool. If I wanted just white banned, and not all others, then I would have to put exemption nodes in for all 35:whatever except 35, meaning 35 would be banned, but not the rest of the sequence cuz they have the exempt nodes? -_-'? Thats a lot of work if someone needs to ban a lot of base items but not the rest of that number sequence.

    I mean this more specifically for redwood trees. The redwood sapling is 3256 in my ver of FTB[Unleashed], but dark wood, fuse wood ect are 3256:1,3256:2 ect... I just want redwood blocked (those trees are HORRIBLE 20k leaves on one tree 10k wood blox 9k other type wood, crashes server if u try to cut it down or WE them away.) So i would have to put the exempt node in for each of the other ... 7 trees, just to ban that one? Thank goodness that is the only item on my... 47 item ban list... that has this issue.. = :3

    Oh, and I guess the question would be do I really have to do all that? or is there a different command to ban just the first item in a sequence and not all the rest?

    EDIT: Should this pre-set ban lead me to believe that items first in sequence use 0, and the * is used for ALL in the sequence? ...

    - 126:0:Energy Collector I:Converting renewable energy sources to non-renewable ores undermines the server economy.

    Last edited Feb 20, 2014 by Bunni1337


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