Individual Signs Plus

Signs can now display updating , user specific sign messages (such as your money). Choose from 100+ placeholders or make your own!
This plugin was originally an addon for InSigns by blablubbabc. He's made some other really neat plugins which you should definitely check out.


- Allows you to display text on a sign that is different for each player looking at it.
- Create signs with custom {placeholders} simply by typing them on the sign.
- For example; {player} will turn into your username.
- Create your own placeholders, or download additional ones.
- Placeholders contain information such as your current balance or the held item.
- Placeholders can be updated automatically (default once per second)
- Alternatively you can right click the sign to update it.
- You can find a list of placeholders below.



- ProtocolLib (More efficient sign updating)


- Vault (Adds permission, economy and chat related placeholders)
- Enjin (Adds enjin tags)
- Factions (Adds faction related tags)
- Essentials (Used for getting offlineplayer DisplayName)


/isp setline <index> <value>Set a line of a signinsignsplus.setline
/isp help <placeholder>Describes the function and usage of the placeholder
/isp list <page>Lists the placeholders for this plugin
/isp saveSaves the plugin
/isp reloadReloads all configurationinsignsplus.reload
/isp enableEnable a disabled placeholderinsignsplus.enable
/isp disableDisables a placeholderinsignsplus.disable


- insignsplus.create - allows you to use all non whitelisted placeholders
- insignsplus.create.* - allows you to use everything
- insignsplus.create.<placeholder> - allows you to use a specific placeholder.


- {player}
- {world}
- {x}
- {y}
- {z}
- {lvl}
- {exp}
- {money}
- Click here for a detailed list.


- Custom placeholders go in the folder ".../plugins/InSignsPlus/scripts/"
- Any additional placeholders will go there.
- To add your own copy the default template "example.yml"
- The placeholder for "example.yml" would be {example}

  - if {hasperm:hello}
  - return &1Hello!
  - else
  - return &4Bye!

- Please visit the scripting page for more info.


Want to display per user, updating statistics for your minigame plugin?
The API allows you to have auto-updating per user sign messages without having to worry about all the protocol stuff:
- Click here for the developer API


- The plugin only updates packets when the server has a high tickrate.
- The updates occur on a separate thread.
- Only certain whitelisted placeholders are updated.
- You can configure how many signs can be updated at one time (default 1000).
- You may change the update interval (default 1 second).
- You can also simply disable auto-updating if you don't think it's necessary.


- All configuration can be done through the config.yml

  updates-per-milli: 1 #How many signs should be updated per millisecond
  enabled: true #Wether auto-updating should be enabled
  interval: 1 #How often should the signs be updated
  buffer: 1000 #The maximum number of signs to update per interval
  whitelist: # A list of placeholders to update (you can add your own)
    - dead
    - sleeping
    - etc...

To get a placeholder to autoupdate, simply add it to the "whitelist" in the config.yml







[Useful Links]

- Developer -API

- Screenshots

- InSignsPlus on GitHub

[Other Projects]

- SignRanks

- CompassModes

- WorldeditRegions

- VoxelSniperRegions

- AdvShop

- IndividualMessages

- IndividualHolograms

Want new features/placeholders? Leave a comment, or create a ticket!


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