This is a plugin designed to check when the Minecraft Services(session, auth, login, ext.) are down. The status of the servers can be displayed with the plugin's command. Each service has its own status and are expressed with green(online), yellow(unstable), and red(offline).


This plugin only has one command with a shortcut version: /isminecraftdown and /ismcdown This command will print out in chat (or console) the status of each service. There are also sub-commands to the main command:

ForceCheck<commandperm>.ForceUpdateCheckForces ServiceChecker to check current status of the services
ReloadConfig<commandperm>.ReloadConfigMakes the plugin reload the config, will also start the ServiceChecker with the new time in the config
AboutN/AShows info about the plugin(Developer, current version, latest version if the auto-update is on)

Permissions are case-sensitive.

IsMcDown.commandEveryoneAccess to the main command - <commandperm> is this permission
<commandperm>.ForceUpdateCheckNo OneAccess to /ismcdown ForceCheck
<commandperm>.ReloadConfigNo OneAccess to /ismcdown ReloadConfig

Config Page


This plugin will have more use to it with an API than without. There is already a base API implemented, it should be easy to figure out by looking at the github.

Other Info

This plugin uses two 3rd party extensions:

  • Metrics Stats - Used to see how many servers are using this plugin
  • Updater 2.0 - Used to keep the plugin up to date with Approved builds on

These extensions wont make changes to your server, other than the plugin updating itself.

This plugin also connects to the official Minecraft Service Status API at to view the status of the Minecraft Services.

To disable the auto-Updater, go to the plugin's config.yml and set AutoUpdate to false. If you want to disable Metrics, go to <serverfolder>/plugins/PluginMetrics and open the config.yml and change opt-out to true.

  • Create a Config
  • Add Announcer for when servers are down
  • Iron out bugs
  • Take suggestions for features/changes


This plugin was requested on the bukkit forums by raserdemon. Feel free to make use of Github and suggest your own changes/ideas to the plugin.


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