This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

Current version: 3.5

InventorySwitch is a plugin that will help you out if you have some inventory management issues. This plugin allows you to switch between different inventories. It allows you to switch between multiple inventories. You can load and save inventories as well as delete them. It works with damage values, so if you save a damaged item, it would come out damaged. It would also change the type of wool. It also can save enchantments!



/isinventoryswitch.*Shows the help
/is getinventoryswitch.getRetrieves an inventory
/is setinventoryswitch.setSaves an inventory
/is delinventoryswitch.delDeletes an inventory
/is listinventoryswitch.listLists all available inventories

You can also use inventoryswitch.get.<name> and inventoryswitch.del.<name> to add permissions to specific inventories.

There is also a setting in config file, where you can alternate between public or private inventories. If it is set to private, only the player who set the inventory will be able to access it.


Example of code:


276 - ItemID
: - Data Delimiter
1 - Item Amount
8 - Item Damage
19 - Enchantment ID
. - Enchantment Level Delimter
2 - Enchantment Level
, - Item Delimiter
| - Enchantment Delimiter


Version 3.5:

  • Efficiency upgrade!
  • Replaced all 0's with +amount
  • Storing enchantment ID's instead of names
  • Fixed damaged enchanted item saving and loading

Version 3.0:

  • Complete code rewrite!
  • Now supports enchantments!

Version 2.5:

  • Added public and non-public config.
  • Moved all inventories to new file.
  • Added custom permissions.
  • Added a list command.

Version 2.4:

  • Updated to 1.5!
  • Efficiency upgrade! Now doesn't store unneccessary values!

Version 2.3:

  • Added dev-url for CBUTD

Version 2.2:

  • Added Metrics!

Version 2.1:

  • Made more efficient!

Version 2.0:

  • Now supports custom inventories!

Version 0.1:

  • First official release

If you like the plugin, please leave a comment. I would appreciate any critics or suggestions!


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