InventorySQL v3.4 -SNAPSHOT


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    Jan 28, 2014
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.7.4
  • 1.7.2
  • 1.6.4


Version 3.4 SNAPSHOT 2

  • Fixed: SimpleSerializer now uses Bukkits native serialization and should work fine with anything
  • Removed: Herobrine

Version 3.4 SNAPSHOT 1

  • Added: Suppress messages (set them to '')
  • Added: InventorySQLAPI (Docs)
  • Added: Auto-Save (Config option: 'save-interval'
  • Removed: JSONSerializer and Dependencies (Reducing filesize to ~ 1/10)
  • Added: SimpleSerializer (Limitations: Can only serialize material, amount and durability) [May or may not change! Do NOT use for public servers yet.]

Version 3.3 Release

  • Fixed: Switch Command

Version 3.3f pre-final Release

  • Fixed: Enderchest loading.
  • Added: AddonManager
  • Added: ExclusivePlayerSaveAddon
  • Allow more customisation: Tables may be renamed for MySQLDatabaseHandler (includes suffix and prefixes!)
  • Added a bunch of Events

Version 3.3e pre-final Release

  • Added support for Enderchests

Version 3.3d Stable

  • Fixes errors on saving player(join, commands)

Version 3.3c Stable

  • Fixes auto-creation for MySQL

Version 3.3b

  • Fixed NullPointerException on loading
  • Updated Updater to new ServermodAPI

Version 3.3a

  • Added NoCompressor, which does nothing

Version 3.3

  • Added DependencyManager: Listen on all plugins that has been loaded after InventorySQL and load DatabaseHandler after Dependencies have been loaded.
  • Added automatically loading of MySQL schema without need to do it manually

Version 3.2

  • Added BukkitSerializer - Fixes #46

Version 3.1

  • Adding Locking System
  • Added switch command
  • Added better command handling
  • Added updater

Version 3.0d

  • Added Permissions for Commands
  • Added Command for saving

Version 3.0c

  • FIXED: fully recursive serialization of ItemStacks (Issue: #34)
  • FIXED: Reconnect when connection closed

Special thanks to: @riking

Version 3.0b

  • Fixed bug with no DataFolder

Version 3.0

  • initial release of Version 3
  • complete rewrote by manf
  • removed nearly all commands
  • removed Authentificator support (looking forward to add again)
  • Added Abstraction of:
  • Added Compression (See Compression)
  • Added Serialization (See Serialization)
  • Added DatabaseHandler (See Database Handling)


  • Please request features and give feedback to current Version!

Use newest Snapshot for bugfixes!