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Ever wanted to look at players inventory with there stats and armour and what there holding? This is the plugin for you! You can profile your self and view other players profiles you can also set a Description for your Profile and shows how much money you have and many more Features to come!

Feel free to comment any Features I should add!

- Armour (Shows Lores Names and Enchantments)
- Item In hand (Shows Lores Names and Enchantments)
- Money (Using Vault)
- Player Name
- Config
- View Faction Info
- Descriptions (Coming Soon)
- View Towny Info (Coming Soon)
- View Rank (Coming Soon)
- Plus Many More to come!!

/profile View your Profile
/profile (mcname) View Another Players Profile

inventoryprofile.profile Access to /profile (Default: True)
inventoryprofile.profile.other Access to /profile (mcname) (Default: True)

Youtube Videos:
None at the moment!

Servers Running Inventory Profile
WongCraft IP

How to use/Install:
Download the plugin (Inventory Profile) and Vault then put them in your plugins folder and start your server, then just use the commands above :)
Download Vault here ->


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