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InfoBukkit helps server admins monitor their server's RAM usage, as well as gather a number of other performance metrics and server information. It can also be used to access world statistics such as how many ticks the world has existed for, the current phase of the moon, etc.


InfoBukkit Release v0.2.0

InfoBukkit v0.2.0 adds a huge amount of functionality, namely through the new "tick", "ram" and "entity" subcommands.

InfoBukkit Release v0.1.1

InfoBukkit v0.1.1 contains a small fix for the permission descriptions.

InfoBukkit Release v0.1.0

The InfoBukkit initial release is out!



Just drop the plugin in your plugins directory and it will be good to go!


InfoBukkit has a subcommand-based interface. This means that in order to use it, all you have to know is the "/info" command (or "/i" for short). Running "/info" (assuming you have the correct permissions) will produce a general information screen, and you can get more specific and detailed information by using a subcommand.

If for example, I wanted to find out about the current phase of the moon in my world, I would have to use "/info time" (the time subcommand) in order to view it, as it is not listed on the general information screen. The use of subcommands allows the various information screens to be sorted based on content-type.

A complete list of all available subcommands can be found below and they may be issued from both the server console and in-game.

/infoinfobukkit.generalDisplays general server information
/info timeinfobukkit.timeDisplays game-time related information
/info tickinfobukkit.tickDisplays tick related information
/info raminfobukkit.ramDisplays RAM and memory usage related information
/info entityinfobukkit.entityDisplays entity related information
/info help<none>Displays help information

Please Note: Wildcard *s are valid in permission nodes.


The latest plugin build can be downloaded here.

Latest Changes

  • Initial Release
  • Added "time" subcommand
  • Fixed permission descriptions

Planned Features

  • More Subcommands - Feel free to suggest more and other features!

How Can I Help?

This plugin is developed solely by me in my free time so:

  • If you are a developer would like to contribute to this project, or any of my other projects, please PM me or email me at [email protected].
  • If you are a not developer but would still like to contribute somehow, please consider donating. Donations are highly valued and much appreciated.


Developer: Keeley Hoek (escortkeel)


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