Sheesh...another TNT plugin. Don't we have enough of those already? Except that this one explodes on impact. A fun way to destroy those annoying buildings: hold TNT in your hand, throw it and...KABOOM. Plus, now we have cannons!

How it works

Take TNT, hold it in your hand, throw it with the left mouse button.

As of v0.2, if "reqnamedtnt" has been set to "true" in config (it is by default "false, so the plugin by default works as before), then the plugin requires special TNT renamed as "ImpactTNT" to work. You can rename TNT with an anvil, but it costs levels, of course. This would be a perfect way to give the ability to use throwable TNT to some player groups, while still requiring exp levels from them to be able to build the TNT.

See below for an added command to simplify this kind of use.

Originally, the functionality of my plugin was similar to Grenades. Many thanks to BlockCat about the original idea, which I took and added some of my own.

Installing the plugin

Just drag ImpactTNT.jar to your plugin folder - it auto-creates the configuration. This plugin needs also Bergerkiller's BKCommonLib, so make sure you have it as well.


  # Make the TNT explode when hitting something? If false, then the TNT detonates when its fuse ticks off
  explodeonimpact: true
  # The radius closer to which the thrown TNT shouldn't explode. Useful if you accidentally throw it into a nearby tree
  safetyradius: 10
  # The amount of ticks after which it detonates anyway
  fuseticks: 100
  # This is close to the default radius of TNT.  Do not overexaggerate with the radius! (I might hard-limit it later)
  explosionradius: 5
  # Whether the player needs TNT renamed as "ImpactTNT" to work as throwable TNT
  reqnamedtnt: false
  # Whether dispensers with ImpactTNT work as cannons
  dispensercannon: true


  • impacttnt.create -> this gives access to the "/impact" command (especially targeted for moderators/admins)
  • impacttnt.throw -> this is needed for the user to be able to throw ImpactTNT


/impact -> while holding ordinary TNT in your hand, type this and the plugin renames it to "ImpactTNT", to be able to use as throwable TNT. (Only relevant if "reqnamedtnt: true" in config). Typing the command again changes your TNT back to normal

/impact all -> changes (renames) all TNT in your inventory to "ImpactTNT". Typing the command again removes the naming

/impact save -> save the server's dispenser cannon data to cannons.dat (for persistence). Saving is also automatically done on server shutdown


All explosions created by this plugin are still normal TNT explosions and can be logged & rollbacked with etc. LogBlock, should you wish to do so.

Go to the BKCommonLib Dev-bukkit page

More fun stuff - CANNONS

From v0.3 on, we now have dispensers working as cannons. Just put some ImpactTNT inside a dispenser and activate the dispenser (just as usual, with a switch/redstone). It will shoot out the ImpactTNT as a projectile, which explodes on impact, just as the usual ImpactTNT does.

Cannons can also be controlled. The direction (-45 degrees...+45 degrees) and angle (0 degrees...60 degrees) of the projectiles can be changed. To change the direction parameters, get yourself a wooden stick and left-click the dispenser on different sides:

  • click on LEFT side -> cannon turns 1 degree to the left
  • sneak-click on LEFT side -> cannon turns 5 degrees to the left
  • click on RIGHT side -> cannon turns 1 degree to the right
  • sneak-click on RIGHT side -> cannon turns 5 degrees to the right
  • click on TOP side -> cannon's vertical angle increases by 1 degrees
  • sneak-click on TOP side -> cannon's vertical angle decreases by 1 degrees
  • click on BACK side -> tells you the cannon's current settings without changing them
  • sneak-click on BACK side -> cannon parameters reset to (direction=0, angle=45)

All of the server's dispenser cannon parameters are saved in server shutdown and recalled on startup, which means the settings of individual dispenser cannons are retained.

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