ImageMaps is a plugin for Bukkit Minecraft servers that enables you to place custom images in your world by rendering them onto maps and placing them in item frames.

This can be used to create info graphics, custom paintings and even the appearance of custom textures.

Example Screenshot


You will need a Server that implements Bukkit 1.13 or newer and the Spigot-API. Some features are only available in newer releases. Make sure to use the latest release of your server software before reporting issues.

Put the plugin into your servers plugins folder and start it up. A folder for the plugin will be created automatically. You can place your images in the images folder inside it.

Upgrading from versions < 1.0.0

The plugin should convert your maps.yml automatically. It will attempt to create a backup before doing so, but it is recommended to do one manually as well.


In order for you use place images they must be present in the images folder. You can either put them there via FTP or just copying it, or by using the plugin's download command, allowing you to access images from the Internet.

To place images just run the /imagemap place command and right click the block that should be the upper left corner of the image (based on your perspective).

Images will by default split into 128x128 pixel sub-images to fit on a map. The image may be scaled via command parameters, however it is recommended to prepare correctly scaled images.

The color palette of Minecraft maps is very limited, requiring the plugin/Bukkit to convert the input image. This will result in your images looking different ingame than the source. The available color table can be found here:

Example of color conversion


The invisible and fixed item frame properties are only available in 1.16+. You can modify them for any item frame by using a configurable (default a wooden hoe) items. Right click to toggle visibility and Shift+Right click to toggle the fixed state.


  • /imagemap place <filename> [frameInvisible] [frameFixed] [frameGlowing] [size]
    • Starts the placement process
    • frameVisible and frameFixed are only available on 1.16+
    • frameGlowing is only available on 1.17+
  • /imagemap download <filename> <sourceURL>
    • downloads an image from the given URL into the images folder
  • /imagemap delete <filename>
    • deletes an image from the images folder
  • /imagemap info <filename>
    • prints info, such as resolution and expected size
  • /imagemap reload <filename>
    • reloads an image, to be used when the image file changed
  • /imagemap list [page]
    • lists all images in the images folder
  • /imagemap help [command]
    • prints help for commands


imagemaps.* - grants access to all permissions - grants access to /imagemap place command - grants access to /download place command

imagemaps.delete - grants access to /imagemap delete command - grants access to /imagemap info command

imagemaps.list - grants access to /imagemap list command

imagemaps.reload - grants access to /imagemap reload command - grants access to /imagemap help command

imagemaps.toggleFixed - allows to toggle the "fixed" state of frames with a wooden hoe

imagemaps.toggleVisible - allows to toggle the "visible" state of frames with a wooden hoe

All permissions are default true for OPs.


You will need to configure your environment to access GitHub repositories.

  <name>ImageMaps repository</name>


This plugin has been developed for the CraftCitizen survival Minecraft server.


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