Why does /money not work?
If you are getting Bukkit is sad or Bukkit wishes it could do that then you are using an old version, update to 6.0.6b+. If you are getting issues regarding insufficient permissions, then you do not have the correct permissions setup. To use /money you must have iConomy.holdings permission on that group or user.
What CB build does [x] work with?
Unless stated otherwise, all. The reason for this is, iConomy doesn't utilize anything inside bukkit that actively changes like most plugins do within certain reasons. Take build 6.0.3b for example. You cannot use OrbDB with 1.7.3, but it will still work using InvDB or MiniDB or SQL. So a feature might not work with a certain build, but the jar itself works.
Does this work with [x] Permission System?
Yes! It works with all permission systems.
How do I create shops, or banks?
iConomy is a core API for economy based plugins to utilize and create fun and inventive ideas. So to create shops and banks, you need to use a plugin like LocalShops or Bettershops, banks are through other plugins as well.
## Commands & Permissions ## /money</summary>Check your balance. Permission: iConomy.holdings /money [name]</summary>Check others balance. Permission: iConomy.holdings.others /money help (command)</summary>For Help & Information. Permission: iConomy.help /money pay [name] [amount]</summary>Send money to others. Permission: iConomy.payment /money create [name]</summary>Create an account. Permission: iConomy.accounts.create /money remove [name]</summary>Remove an account. Permission: iConomy.accounts.remove /money give [name] [amount]</summary>Give money. Permission: iConomy.accounts.give /money take [name] [amount]</summary>Take money. Permission: iConomy.accounts.take /money set [name] [amount]</summary>Set account balance. Permission: iConomy.accounts.set /money status [name] (status)</summary>Check/Set account status. Permission: iConomy.accounts.status, iConomy.accounts.status.set /money purge</summary>Purge all accounts with initial holdings. Permission: iConomy.accounts.purge /money empty</summary>Empty database of accounts. Permission: iConomy.accounts.empty ## Permissions For a complete list of permissions as well as descriptions / examples of usage go [here](http://pastie.org/2546082). ### Permissions isn't working! Permissions does work, 99% of the time the issue is user related. The reason for this is that people don't remember that permissions **are** case-sensitive, and a few more reasons are here: * Players don't have iConomy.holdings (6.0.5b, in 6.0.6b this only controls /money so I guess it applies?) * Players have iConomy permissions however iConomy is not spelled correctly or cased right, must be exactly like so: iConomy * You are using Permissions with 6.0.5b, *this will not work*. Permissions support was added in **6.0.6b** ### Note ### If you are using: PermissionsEX; or GroupManager, you cannot use the shortcut permissions: * iConomy.plus * iConomy.user It is highly recommended that you upgrade to bPermissions or PEX, if you need to convert your files use [this](http://permicon.nexua.org) tool.


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