Edit song name & author

Here's a little guide on how to change the name and the author of a noteblockstudio song.

NOTE: please note that you will need NoteblockStudio for this

After you have downloaded noteblock studio and started it, do the following:

1. When opening noteblock studio you will need to load the song you wish to edit. I'll be using viva la vida just to show you how it works. nbs_nameEdit_01

2. Now go the the left-top of your screen and click on 'settings' and then 'Song Info' a screen will pop up. Click on 'edit' nbs_nameEdit_02

3. When done, click on 'ok' nbs_nameEdit_03

4. Now go back to the left-top of your screen and this time click on 'file' and then 'save song'. Now you have edited your song's name and/or author. nbs_nameEdit_04

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