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Current version: 1.3.1 Released 23rd December 2013

Hydrate: Add thirst into the game!

Tested on Bukkit 1.7.4

Hydrate is a Minecraft Bukkit plugin which adds thirst into the game just like hunger!
Every 3 minutes you will lose 10% thirst, each time this happens the player will be notified with how thirsty they are.
Hydrate uses the scoreboard API to show your thirst Screenshot

Hydrate Scoreboard

How to use

Your thirst is measured on a scale of 1 to 10. You can eat/drink the following things to replenish your thirst (all changeable in configuration):

  • Water Bottle (Potion) - Gives you 8
  • Milk bucket - Gives you 6
  • Mushroom soup - Gives you 3
  • Melon - Gives you 2

Changeable configuration (See configuration below)

  • Lose 10% thirst every 3 minutes.
  • All players lose health
  • All above replenish values
  • Whether op's can get thirsty
  • All text displayed
  • Worlds which are effected by Hydrate



This shows the player how thirsty they are out of 10

/thirst set <player> <level>

This sets a players thirst level. Requires OP or permission node hydrate.admin


hydrate.nothirst Player is exempt from thirst

hydrate.admin Allows the player to set their own and other players thirst levels


  1. This plugin does not require any other plugins to work.
  2. Simply place Hydrate.jar into your plugins directory
  3. Restart/reload the server (Restart recommended)
  4. Edit configuration (Optional) then restart/reload server


time-in-seconds-to-remove-1: 180

This can be changed to alter the time in seconds it takes to lose 1 level of thirst.

ops-get-thirsty: false

This can be changed if you want op's to get thirsty or not.

replenish-water: 7 replenish-milk: 6 replenish-melon: 2 replenish-mushroom-soup: 3

These allow you to set how much each item will replenish thirst.

multiple-world-support: true multi-world1: world multi-world2: world_nether multi-world3: world_the_end

Enable multi-world support then select a maximum of 10 worlds which will have Hydrate running on them, make sure it follows the pattern of multi-world1 up to multi-world10. If multiple-world-support is false then every world will have Hydrate running on it.

level9-message: Keep an eye on your thirst!

You can change each levels message, this message will be shown when the player loses a thirst level.

To do:

  • Changeable thirst decrease speed for different biomes
  • Send message from player when they badly need a drink
  • Change what happens when you're near to level 0
  • Toggle scoreboard API on right of screen by command (In progress)
  • Multiple world support *New*
  • Changeable Text *New*
  • Configurable OP thirst
  • Changeable replenish values
  • Permissions Support
  • Set how often the player loses thirst
  • Admin commands to set players thirst.
If you have any suggestions for this plugin please comment/contact me


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