Hunter Evolved

Hunter Evolved

A new version of hunters vs speedrunners where the hunters are mobs with unique attributes and abilities. There are multiple classes for the hunter to choose from and hunters are all given tracking compasses that auto-update (no need to constantly hold, and only right-click once to select the nearest speedrunner). The goal of the game is for the speedrunners to either beat the Ender Dragon or the hunters to kill all the speedrunners, hunters have unlimited lives and speedrunners only have one. Currently does not auto spawn the Ender Dragon during games so you must reset the end world every time you play a new game (if the speedrunners have reached the end).


Zombie - Can only regen during the night or when eating raw foods, gains a speed and strength buff during the night, burns in daylight (helmet prevents this), immune to most mobs.

Vampire - Weak in daylight, auto regen over time (hunger is based on thirst which can only be gained by damaging players and villagers), gain a strong buff when killing a player, ability to transform into a weak bat and fly (will burn-in daylight).


/hunterevolved start - Will start a new game if one is currently not in play.

/hunterevolved end - Will force end a game.

Other Info

Abilities and timers can all be configured in the config, this is very experimental and may have bugs, please report any bugs to me. Hunters will actually turn into mobs and their nametags will be hidden, some mobs cannot hold items or wear armor so some hunter classes will hide the player's gear and hand items.


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