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This is a typical Hunger Games / Survival Games plugin with a special feature of regenerating arenas using the Hunger Games Map Generator. This means every arena is different from the last, with different treasure in different locations!

If you find a bug while testing this plugin, please post a ticket.

Also, please upvote this ticket so future versions of this plugin can be more stable.

Lastly, since 1.6.2 I haven't been able to test the server because I can't play offline as an un-named player, if you have an account you don't mind me using occasionally, please PM me (you can change your password until I'm done testing).

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Special Features

  • Multi-world support with arena regeneration.
  • Highly configurable:
    • Language files
    • Per-Arena configurations
    • Customizable terrain generation
    • Custom commands can be run during game events.
  • Optional automatic features such as:
    • Auto-open and close arenas as the number of online players changes.
    • Auto-start an arena when full.
    • Auto-join an arena after logging in.
    • Auto-start an arena if no new players are joining after some time.
    • Auto-start an arena if enough players vote for it to start.
    • Auto-regeneration of arena after game is over.
    • Auto-spectate after a player dies.
    • Auto-teleport players to the center if a game runs on too long.
    • Auto-end a game if a game really goes on too long.
  • Fun optional extras:
    • Compasses will point to nearest tribute.
    • Clicking signs to join an arena.
    • Clicking signs to see players in arena and teleport to them.
    • Advanced sponsoring selection system.
    • Statistic logging for wins, losses, kills and games.
    • Arena setup for custom maps not regenerated with HGMG.
  • Low-interference code allows you to play normally when not in an arena.

Not Featured

  • Terrain roll-back (use the random map generator to get new maps!)
  • Chest refill (again, random map generator gives you new maps with refilled chests)
  • Block protection (use a plugin designed for block whitelists/blacklists, I use PermissionsEx)
  • World management (use a plugin designed for modifying world properties such as mob spawning, I use Modifyworld)
  • Special support for other plugins (should be compatible with most other plugins anyway though)

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Having a Problem?

  1. Browse the FAQ
  2. Browse the tickets list for a similar bug or problem.
  3. Post a ticket if you've found a new bug or post a comment if you are still having trouble.

Want to Contact Me?

  • For server review requests, please post on the Recommended Servers page.
  • For questions or comments unrelated to this plugin, send me a PM
  • If you are filming a mod review or demo game of this plugin, I'd be happy to drop by and be a part of the review. Send a PM for these requests and we can try to find a time to chat.


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