#Player Hider config for Hub Essentials 2.0.0

#Player Hider Item Slot on Action Bar (1-9, 0 disables the player hider)
ItemSlot: 3
#Cooldown in MS (1000 = 1 second)
Cooldown: 5000
#Cooldown error message.
CooldownMessage: '&cYou can not use that item yet, <player>. <cooldown>s until next use.'
#Item that the player will have to hide players.
VisibilityItem: 'BLAZE_ROD'
VisibilityItemName: '&cHide Players'
VisibilityItemLore: '&cClick to Hide players.'
#Item that the player will have to active players again.
InvisibilityItem: 'STICK'
InvisibilityItemName: '&aShow Players'
InvisibilityItemLore: '&bClick to Show players.'


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