Protect your horses from being stolen, with lot of features for Horse management (virtual stable, teleportation...)

This plugin require Vault.


  • When you right click a horse with a saddle, it will be automatically protected and nobody will be able to mount it.
  • You can set horse protection limit (amount of horses that can be protected)
  • If you try to mount horse that you don't own, you will be ejected and you will see horse's owner name in chat
  • Add members (riders) for your horse, they will be able to mount your horse
  • You can optionally disable horse damages from members.
  • TP horse to your position with a simple command
  • TP all owned horses to your position
  • Set identifiers to your horses (used in commands)
  • Un-protect horse, so anyone can take it
  • Alert to owner when one of his horses die
  • List all owned horses with their identifiers
  • Store horse in a virtual stable
  • Summon horse from your virtual stable (keep inventory, horse colors/style, health...)
  • Localization (default English)
  • Admin: Bypass protections and/or limits
  • Admin: Transfer horse ownership
  • Admin: Can use all commands even if not owner of horse (and list player horses)

How to use HorseKeep

  1. Right click on a horse with a saddle
  2. Your horse is now protected, and he will be given a default identifier. Example: 54
  3. Use /horse id <identifier> <new-identifier> if you want to change identifier. Example: /horse id 54 myhorse
  4. You can teleport horse to your position by using /horse tp <identifier>. Example: /horse tp myhorse


See here:


See here:


# Default horse protection limit by player
horsesDefaultLimit: 3

# Disable horse damage from mobs & environment (fall, suffocation...)
disableHorseEnvironmentalDamage: true

# Disable horse damage from any player
disableHorseDamage: false

# Disable horse damage from horse members and owner
disableHorseDamageFromMembers: true

# Used for setting default identifier to horses **don't change this**
internalIncrementalIdentifier: 1

# Custom horse protection limit, with permission horsekeep.groups.<group-name>
  - vip: 5
  - staff: 10


  • Can't teleport horses between worlds (you can store horse and summon it in another world)
  • Sometimes (bukkit bug?), horses are deleted, and cannot be teleported
  • Horse teleportation take alot of CPU, use it carefully or disable it

If you found bug, please report it with tickets

Upcoming features

  • Economy (charge player when teleport/protect horse)
  • Buy horse
  • More admin commands
  • WorldGuard integration
  • Horse spawns
  • Horse lives
  • Buy horse health
  • Light version of the plugin

Plugin still in Development

HorseKeep can change (configuration, permissions, commands...) at any time during development.

Horses data may not change, so your players will not loose their horses when updating.


Developer Builds

Development builds of this project can be acquired at the provided continuous integration server. These builds have not been approved by the BukkitDev staff. Use them at your own risk.

Dev Builds


You can download HorseKeep source from my github :


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