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With the discovery of new hologram technology (as seen in the video below), HoloAPI is designed to bring you a seamless experience in holographic display creation through the powerful command base and API.

Providing advanced Hologram Technology for your Bukkit server, HoloAPI has the following features (and more!):

Easily manage your own holographic displays
Create Holographic displays with images, animations (GIFs) and multi-line text
Allows developers to create and manage their own holographic displays through the extensive API
Holographic chat bubbles (captions) that show chat messages above the speaker'a head
Animated text support
Automatic UTF-8 character formatting and replacing
Super smooth Animated Holograms and hologram teleportation!
Automatic tag replacement e.g. "Hello there %name%!" (Where name is replaced with the observer's name)
Holographic chat bubbles with in-built support for VanishNoPacket
TouchScreen Holograms with an extensive and easy to use API
Floating Item displays with easy to use tags - %item:id%
BungeeCord support for TouchScreen holograms and online count placeholders
Supports Bukkit from 1.6.4 through to 1.7.9 and MCPC+ 1.6.4

Stay up to date and make sure you have the latest version of HoloAPI!

This extensive API is designed to provide you with the easiest, most feature packed resources for creating and managing your own holograms.


HoloAPI also uses intelligent image-translation technology (thanks to @bobacadodl) to transform ordinary images into futuristic holograms that can enhance your server in ways that you have never imagined.





Development builds of this project can be acquired at the provided continuous integration server. These builds have not been approved by the BukkitDev staff. Use them at your own risk.


Commands and Permissions

/holoupdateholoapi.updateUpdate HoloAPI if a new version has been found.
/holoholoapi.holoBase HoloAPI command. All in-game methods for creating holographic displays can be found under this command. Entering this command by itself will provide version information for HoloAPI.
/holo createholoapi.holo.createCreate a holographic display. Lines can be entered one after each other.
/holo create image <image_id>holoapi.holo.createCreate a holographic display from an image. See the Configuration page on the Wiki for more information on how to set this up.
/holo create animationholoapi.holo.createCreate an animated holographic display from lines of text.
/holo create animation <animation_id>holoapi.holo.createCreate an animated hologram. See the Configuration Wiki page for info on how to set up GIFs.
/holo remove <id>holoapi.holo.removeRemove a hologram by its assigned ID.
/holo infoholoapi.holo.infoView all active holographic displays and their respective IDs.
/holo move <id>holoapi.holo.moveMove a hologram to your current position.
/holo teleport <id>holoapi.holo.teleportTeleport to a specific hologram.
/holo buildholoapi.holo.buildDynamically build a combined hologram of both text and images.
/holo edit <id> <line>holoapi.holo.editEdit a line of an existing hologram.
/holo edit <id> <line> <content>holoapi.holo.editEdit a line of an existing hologram. The content can be more than one line.
/holo nearby <radius>holoapi.holo.nearbyView information on all nearby holograms within the specified radius
/holo copy <id>holoapi.holo.copyCopy an existing hologram to your current position.
/holo refresh <id>holoapi.holo.refreshRefresh a Hologram of the specified ID.
/holo reloadholoapi.holo.reloadReload all configuration files and holograms

TouchScreen Hologram Commands

/holo touch add <id> <command>holoapi.holo.touch.addAdd an action for a certain hologram to perform when touched. Actions defined without the use of the API (through this command) may only be commands. The `%name%` placeholder can be used to define the user that touched the hologram. Commands can be more than one word.
/holo touch add <id> <command> <as_console>holoapi.holo.touch.addSame functionality as `/holo touch add <command>`. `<as_console>` defines whether the action is performed by the console or the player that touched the hologram
/holo touch remove <id> <touch_id>holoapi.holo.touch.removeRemove an action for a TouchScreen hologram, where `<touch_id>` is the ID of the TouchAction. To remove a command-based Touch Action, simply enter the command"
/holo touch clear <id>holoapi.holo.touch.clearClear all Touch Actions for a particular TouchScreen hologram
/holo touch info <id>holoapi.holo.touch.infoView information on all Touch Actions for a particular TouchScreen hologram





Metrics is used to collect plugin statistics. Only data such as plugin version and players online is collected. If you do not wish for this data to be collected, disable it in the 'Plugin Metrics' folder of your 'plugins' directory.


Update Checking

HoloAPI comes with an auto-updater to save you, as a server owner, from continually checking this page for new files. It simply connects to dev.bukkit.org and compares the versions of available files. If you do not wish for HoloAPI to perform this check, navigate to the Configuration File (config.yml) in the HoloAPI directory of your plugins folder and change "checkForUpdates" and "autoUpdate" to "false". The first value disables the version comparison altogether and the second updates the plugin automatically if new files are detected.


Plugins Using HoloAPI

Some of the plugins that utilise the powerful features in HoloAPI:

...And many more!




Credit to Asdjke for coming up with the idea



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