Hold-able Torches


I will no longer be updating this plugin, neither will Relicum or DanielGaming, this is due to the fact that I've stopped coding bukkit (or even java completely) due to the los of interest. The original source code should still be available on GitHub, if you want to continue this project or update it feel free to grab the source code and update it yourself. The current version will still be available for download, but it has only been bug-tested for minecraft 1.7.4 and will not be updated any further. Scroll down for a list of bugs in the current version. The big update that Relicum was going to make has been cancelled due to other things making it very hard to complete.

Hold-able Torches

Hold a torch and get light!

What is Hold-able Torches?

Well, its almost just like the title says. When you hold a torch or a redstonetorch you'll get a night vision effect.
This effect will stay as long as you hold the torch, if you de-select the torch you'll lose the effect.

Video Page!

If you have a video about this plugin, let me know in the comments and I might add your video on this page!
Visit the video page here!


None! Just drop the plugin into your plugins folder, restart your server and you're good to go!
Only thing you might want to do is give people the permission to use it ;) otherwise it's quite pointless to have this plugin....


holdabletorches.useallows the user to use the torches to get the effect.OP (Only OP's can use it by default)

Source Code at GitHub!

View the source code at Github! Feel free to use any part of the code for your own plugin!

To Do:

  • Add Permission Support Added!
  • Add a configuration file with an option to change between the night vision effect or an visual effect as if there was a torch on the ground.

Known issues/bugs

  • when the player has a night vision potion effect by a own potion. The effect will be removed if the user scrolls through their hotbar.
  • If anyone has a torch in their hand, nobody else can get the effect at the same time or all players will get the effect. This will be fixed soon!


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