Hit Counter

This will keep track of player logins and unique logins and allow you to customize the broadcast messages for each event.

This is a very simple plugin when a player logs in it will broadcast a message telling all players (based on if this player is unique) how many hits or how many unique hits the server has had, and provide a join message to broadcast for new players.

Configuration is easy:

hits_message: '§6{COUNT} players have logged into our server!'
join_message: '§6{NAME} has just joined our server!'
unique_hits: '§6{COUNT} unique players have joined our server!'
show_messages: false
starting_count: 0

Drop the plugin in your plugins/ folder, reload or restart and your all set!

Please note, messages default to false, you need to change it to true to show messages(Defaulting to false so servers can get a decent number of logins and unique players before displaying them to their server)

Upgrading to 1.1.3

Add this line to your config:

starting_count: 0

OR you can delete your config and it will be rebuilt when you restart the server.

Upgrading to 1.1.2:

Delete your old Hit Counter folder inside /plugins/ and restart the server.


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