This plugin utilizes and adds to SimpleCommandSigns by storing a hidden commands database. Because we wish to keep SimpleCommandSigns simple and lightweight, we kept these extra features separate.


  • You no longer need to have the command(s) being executed on the sign itself.
  • You can have multiple commands run in sequence.
  • You can list the permission(s) you wish the player to have when running the command and they will be granted temporarily during command execution.
  • You can set permissions nodes allowing players to view the true commands behind the sign.
  • The true commands are linked to the text on the sign rather than the sign block. This means there will be no issues with sign block removal and modification. Hiddencommandsigns with the same sign text will run the same commands.
  • You can make the hiddencommandsigns look exactly like a normal commandsign.
  • If you understand the formatting, you can manually edit the human-readable database file. (Not recommended though)

How to create a HiddenCommandSign:

  1. Create a SimpleCommandSign as you normally would. The text on the lines that usually holds the command can be anything arbitrary now.
  2. Use: /hcs create "<command>" (Note: If your command contains quotation marks, replace them with "\''" - that is: forward slash, single quote, single quote)
  3. If the people running the sign need additional permissions to run the command, use: /hcs addperm "<permission>"
  4. Right click the sign and the command(s) you specified will be run!


  • /hcs create "<command>" ["othercommands"] - Creates a hiddencommandsign with the command(s) given within parenthesis. (Example: /hcs create "/cp points" "/day")
  • /hcs detect - Tells you if the next block you hit is a hiddencommandsign and its author.
  • /hcs obtainreal - Tells you the real command that will run when you right-click the sign.
  • /hcs addperm "<permission>" ["otherpermissions"] - Adds the specified permissions to the sign. They will be given to the player right before they run the command, and removed immediately after. (Example: /hcs addperm "CommandPoints.give")
  • /hcs quickcreate - If the text on a simplecommandsign already has a hidden command sequence linked to it. This allows you to turn it into a hiddencommandsign with the original commands.


  • hcs.create: Can create a hidden command sign.
  • hcs.detect: Can detect and get the creator of hidden command signs.
  • hcs.obtainreal: Can get the real command behind the sign.
  • hcs.addperm: Can add permissions to a sign.
  • hcs.addperm.any: Can add any permissions to a sign, including those which they do not own.

Note: If you do not use Legacy Permissions as your permissions handler, remove any Permissions compatibility bridge (such as the one from Essentials) if you want to be able to use "/hcs addperm".


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